Soulful and vibrant, fervent and booming, deeply profound and energetic- all these contrasting elements strung together comprises the sublime music of Cross Connection 2.

The diegesis of the film is basically that of a love story, and the music synchronizes with it beautifully. Like the very many moods of whimsical love, the songs too have diverse and unique styles. On one hand we have “Mombati Raat” and “Ghure chole jaye“, two blissful numbers; on the other hand we find “Lilabali” – a rapturous number that will leave you tapping your feet and nodding your head to its beats long after the song is over! These complementary symphonies are really worth a listen!


Many eminent artists such as Anupam Roy, Rupankar, Arko, Ujjaini, Madhubanti, Somdutta , Kinjal and Dibyendu have come together to compose and execute this album, and have done so quite successfully! Music composer of the film, Neel Dutt, states that he has composed an album for the big screen after a long time and expresses his joy at being able to work with such talented musicians. On being asked about his compositons, he adds that he has tried to maintain a depth in his songs, an attribute which many modern numbers lack.


The songs in this album are the outcome of a lot of hardwork, a culmination of talent and, I think it’s justified to assume, endless nights accompanied by uncountable cups of coffee!
So if you’re in the mood for some peppy as well as melodious tunes, do give this album a listen!

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