Recently, we had a splendid photo-shoot of one of the beautiful and gorgeous looking actor Koneenica Bandyopadhyay. The chief editor Niladri Shankar Roy and photographer Santanu Bhoi from the team of got the opportunity to arrange the shoot and watch the wonderful actor posing for the photos in such attractive designer costumes by Tanmay Biswas.  Santanu Bhoi’s edit and fantastic make-up by Subham (Rai) Sarkar the pictures personified the beauty of this wonderful actor.

konee di 2 snow
When the cacophony of the busy world unsettles your being, befriend your soul and meet the person you never believed could be you.


konee di 2_1
Maybe tonight the moon will shine bright. Maybe tonight the woods will show me the way. Maybe I’ll find you.
konee di 4.1111 copy
Have you ever been to that deserted place where there is little light, food and rain but there is peace?
konee di 5 new. final.
If you thought sky is your limit, think again. Reach Higher. Because up there fairyland exists where your wishes come true.
konee di 6new one fginal copy
Rain calms your senses and makes you happy because among the clouds someone is silently shedding their tears to keep you happy.
Original Copyright © 2014-2015
Picture and Editing Courtesy : Santanu Bhoi
Special Thanks : Subham and Tanmay
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