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Commemorating Bapu

2nd October, the date on the calendar says and we know it’s Gandhi Jayanti, again. Unlike any other national holidays, however, Gandhi Jayanti is not about merely remembering one of the greatest souls that mankind has ever known. Rather, this day is a celebration of the indomitable and immortal spirit of a man, who with his unconventional, non-violent methods brought a real difference to this world. Born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, he was called “Mahatma” or the great soul by the bard-Rabindranath Tagore. With his pledge to non-violence and with his methods of Satyagraha, Civil Disobedience and Non Co-operation, Gandhiji made the British kneel down to the power of truth and his simple yet miraculous procedures freed India from the demonic clutches of the British.

To help India attain independence, Gandhiji even suffered several imprisonments and was tortured by the British. Yet his belief in truth and his strength of patience was such that the British ultimately had to “Quit India”. His Dandi March, his methods of Swadeshi, Boycott, and use of charka and khadi taught mankind the true essence of attaining freedom without violence. Not only did this great man aspire to make India independent, but his objective also consisted of truly liberating India by freeing it from the clutches of social evils like caste system, untouchability, etc. Our beloved Bapu believed that the untouchables were Harijans(children of God) and therefore discrimination can only lead to redemption of mankind. “Humanity alone is the greatest religion in the world”, was Bapu’s opinion. Gandhiji also dreamt of emancipation of women and spread of literacy. A man of the people, he could understand and interact equally well with the elite as well as the masses. He truly was “The Father Of The Nation”.

As we gear up for the celebration of the 146th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, let’s take a pledge together to make India truly Secular, liberal, developed and prosperous, just as Gandhiji wanted the nation to be. By loving our fellow men, by holding out our hand to the helpless and distressed, we would truly justify “humanity”, as Gandhiji dreamt it to be. Thus each and every time, we help someone, we do something for others, selflessly, we serve the nation or follow the principles of truth, all throughout our lives, we would be fulfilling the dreams of our beloved Bapu. Only then would this particular day turn out to be a special one out of the rest of the days of the year, in the years to come

Content Writing : Sayari Mukherjee
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