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Social Media has played a major role in the digital marketing industry with an estimated market capital of about US$350 Billion in the year 2020. But, there are a few answers people look for mostly. I am highlighting the three most asked questions and will try to provide a detail analysis about each of them.

How to increase followers and engagement on social media?

The most important question. Well, who doesn’t want to have a million followers and subscribers on social media? Everyone does, even me! But, are you happy with just a million followers or your business goal is something else?

First, you must understand and realize that increasing and getting proper engagement is not like playing a T-20 cricket game. You have to create quality contents and publish them on a regular basis. When I say regular, it doesn’t mean every day. It means if you are publishing a content (Image / Video) on Monday at 8 PM, make sure you publish another content on the very next Monday at 8 PM. You must let your followers know the time you are posting and your readers / followers / customers will only keep visiting your profile / page / group / website if you are regular.

Secondly, your content must be original and engaging. You must understand the taste of your audience. Suppose your page is about Kolkata and you are publishing contents about education, people will stop following you eventually. Try to use your own content, be it an audio or a video or even an image. Using copyright content not only puts your brand in danger but also in a shadow ban (negative promotion).

Thirdly, don’t just publish random contents and start promoting with money. You must make your audience realize why they should follow you / do business with you when there are thousands of others doing the same thing. If you are running a contest, hosting a workshop / seminar, or might be launching a new brand / outlet, then only go for a paid promotion.

Paid promotion will bring you leads and customers. But, the primary focus should always be on the content. Use less text in an image. Suppose you want to publish an article with 460 words. Write a catchy line and put it on the image. Write the rest part in the comment section / description.

An ad with the important points in the image and the rest in the caption / comment section.

Fourthly, use HQ images and focus on weekly polls, ask your followers / customers about how they feel about you, whether they have any suggestions for your business etc. I do it every month. I keep asking people whether they still love our contents or not. You can also promote your business through giveaways. Start a contest may be like Eat-Feat Contest. One lucky draw winner will receive certain products from us. This will increase your brand value and people will know more about your brand. How? Come on! If I see an advertisement on Facebook that if I can eat 4 Chicken Rolls, I will get INR 100, I will definitely invite my foodie friend to join me! Not everyone can eat 4 Chicken Rolls at the same time. But, your sales will definitely increase. Isn’t it?

Should I invest my money on Ads?

Organic growth is something that needs to be maintained all over the year. But if you are selling a product for a particular reason, or maybe within a certain period, promoting them is the best idea. It will not only help your brand reach the right audience but also help in sales funneling (which I have explained later). You can also check the blog by Andrew Murray which shares information and tips for running YouTube ads.

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The next question that 90% of my friends and acquaintances ask me,

How to earn from social media?

Well, there are plenty of options. Facebook, YouTube and TikTok offers you direct payout through their video monetization. But, there are many other alternatives using which you can earn through Instagram, Blog, Twitter and even a Twitch account.

Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP – If you are planning to launch your own blog website, make sure you are using both of these services. This will not only help you increase your page loading but also deliver ads and earn. I remember earning $5 on the first month I incorporated Facebook Instant Articles on my website.

Google AdMob – If you have a blog website, make sure you build an Android and iOS app. Google AdMob helps you monetize your app and the earning can be huge if you are generating a good amount of traffic each month. There are plenty of companies like AppsGeyser offering app development support for free.

Influencer Marketing – The method which I use the most. I rely on influencer marketing to boost up my business revenue. I am using almost every influencer marketing platforms to promote other businesses and apps through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Blog. There are hundreds of services out there. You can check the list of the hubs here.

Sales Funneling and Social Media Management – If you are good in SEO, SEM and SMM services like HubSpot, Sprout Social, you can pitch companies to handover the social media management job to your company. You can charge anywhere between INR 3000 / month and INR 25000 / month depending upon the QoS and the number of contents they wish to publish. If you are good enough to generated leads through website or social media, you can directly pitch companies to provide you with a commission for each successful sales generated through leads. WhatsApp can play a major role in it. If you wish to know more about how my company is offering such services, you can chat here.

Now we know the different methods to earn from social media. But, how much? Can I sustain a family with the income generated through social media?

I would say Yes! People would always prefer having a stable job. But, no other platform can provide you with so much of money than social media and digital marketing. I started charging $100 for a single blog which I was writing back in 2019. It all depends upon your engagement and influence. Are you using your audience to grow your business online? Are you using your skills to generate leads? Are you ready to take the leap jump and pitch clients to work with you?

Think about it and let me know in the comments section below. Till then, adieu! 😉

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