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Technology is a very significant word in our life. The use of this term has changed by different meaning over the last 200 years. Now a days, different technologies are applied in different places in order to achieve some valuable result. Basically technology is all about tools and machines that can be used to solve every kind of problems.

Techniques of different methodology, skills, processes, tools are called technology.

The developments in different countries in technology are as follows:

1. ASIA —

In the brief discussion about ASIA rising of technologies are specifically noted.

The latest and most popular technology among all the people is booking rides online with the help of an app, in which a person can book a cab through their phone( offline bookings are also available in case of poor internet connection). The way this tech has been widespread, it has made traveling much easier in south East Asia. In 2011, Anthony Tan came up the idea of an app that can book cabs and named My Teski, and it’s usage has grown magnificently.

After My Teski, another app joined the market, with the same idea, Grab Car. And with time many more cab companies have made their way like Ola and Uber.

2. CHINA —

Science and technology have rapidly developed in China since the past decade or two and its still working in these fields.

China has been the most populated as well as developed in the fields of education, infrastructure, high tech manufacturing and many such important fields.
In China, the FAST will become operational in a few days, which will make it the biggest single aperture radio telescope in the world with 4,600 triangular panels.

China’s silicon valley has also been a leading producer of semiconductor devices and other gadgets that too at a cheaper rate.


UNITED KINGDOM has some major contribution in technology. Issac Newton was a citizen of UK , who discovered gravity and also proposed the laws of motion, are one of the greatest milestones in modern science. In today’s world, e- Gaming has become a major trend, being both popular and a big profit gaining business.

E- Games are played in all most every part of the world. Most of the blockbuster gaming franchises have their business settled in the UK, like the Call of Duty, Grand theft auto and also Final fantasy. GTA V has been the most sold and highest grossing e- game in the world till now, thanks to the GTA franchises along with Rock star games for such a wonderful game.

It costs few millions to develop these games and often marketing these games make the budget quiet double. In UK, gaming industries have been flying high and for a startup business in gaming, UK is the best place.

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