Arranged marriages these days have solely become a money – oriented convention.

Marriage is said to be one of the most beautiful part of a human life. It establishes a harmonious relationship between two people. Arranged marriage is the type of marriage where the family members are involved directly, which means, they choose the suitor for the bride or groom. Though these days Arranged marriage has become a sort of money business, entirely.

I never disrespect the love or affection of our family towards us. They love us and they want to secure our lives by finding a perfect suitor for us. But these days they find a suitor only by the means of finance. For instance, father of a bride always chooses a suitor who has a fantastic job or an established business.

In this society, an “Ideal Husband Material” must be someone having a good job,a big house and proper lineage. Here good looks or good nature do not matter at all. They never think if their girl will be happy or not in that marriage because marriage in India is believed to be an ultimate and unbreakable thing.

We see so many news about mental and physical tortures from the family of that chosen ‘wealthy’ suitor upon that girl. They pressurize her to take more money from her ancestral family. These marriages are arranged marriages in most of the cases.

Similarly when a groom’s family search for a suitor for that groom they always see firstly, the beauty of the woman, including a fair skin tone. In this society to be a perfect marriage material, a girl must be fair-skinned, a little bit educated, slim, household expert, cooking goddess and ofcourse, the single child of her parents. They prefer a girl who is timid so that they can rule over her without any obstacles.

The groom’s family generally demand a dowry from the bride’s family. These days, in this modern times, this dowry system has even been developed. For instance, the groom’s family will smile and deny dowry directly but will indirectly create pressure upon that girl’s family to give “Something” to their son in order to see their girl happier. How can the happiness be equated with money? This mentality shows the duality of society. They want a girl who is a single child but if she wants to take care of her parents, the groom’s family often rejects by saying that its not her duty to look after of her parents after marriage.

In 2019, we all need to upgrade our mentality. We need to educate our girls  so that they can support their own selves financially and not depend on others. We should teach our boys that all skin colour is beautiful. It is only the person who matters and not her skin colour.

Arrange marriage is a beautiful love story created by the families. It is high time we should see that in the light of its true meaning.

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