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Our mind

Our mind is a different  from our soul. It consistently gets attracted towards the impossible. Our grip slips away before it holds to the mind strongly. In our modern life, there lay thousands of confusions regarding the choice of life, a choice of way to live. Somehow people are becoming impatient, which is very detrimental for our ownselves.

For instance, modern love relationships are easy to patch up and break because we have somehow lost the essence of waiting. The communication medium plays a great role in this. The love relationships in those “letter-exchange” days held more strength in feeling compared to this generation because there was a tinge of waiting and patience.

Nowadays, it is very easy to get hooked up. We never give time to ourselves which is immensely important for understanding our own mind. Because if we observe our mind closely we will have a clear vision of our very next step.

People these days are consistently growing restless. We have created our own virtual world where we love to brood for hours. And this hampers our concentration.

This problem is not only associated with the teenagers or young generations but also with the older ones.

We are consistently fearing of being alone. We fear the loneliness and thus we search for a better way out. Loneliness and boredom are a killer combination and together it can lead to various crimes, both inside the human and outside.

There is a saying, ” an empty mind is the source of devil’s workshop”. This seems appropriate for all of us. We tend to indulge ourselves in smartphones, liquor or other habits. If we are feeling bored and tending to some bad habits, we must stop ourselves immediately. This would eventually lead us to nowhere specific.

We can invest our time in some productive works. We can pursue our passion. The only thing we need is mindfulness and immense concentration to excel in any subject.

Those who think drugs are the only harmful addiction for humans, do you really consider the side effects of smartphones? Because these days gadgets are becoming the leaders of destruction in our lives.

We share funny memes to make us look funny. But when we spread the wrong message or news without checking its reality, we are actually provoking every other people and harmful judgement.

We just need to take a full breath and relax. in order to leave the addiction of smart gadgets. If we stop the habit of using smart gadgets everywhere, we will stop feeling alone.

And now we need our own motivation to make ourselves safe, secure and filled with peace and inner happiness. Complete from within!

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