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A Short trip to Patna

Travelling is definitely an eye-opener for everybody, be it short or long. Here are some accounts of my short trip to Patna. In our busy daily lives there is hardly any time to spend time with your loved ones and family. So going on a trip is a must for creating the bonds even stronger.

We all have at least one or two kids who constantly has exams going on, making it impossible for our long dreamy vacations. But you can go for a quick fix. Here is a 1 or 2 days short trip which will definitely boost your energy to work better.Since the number of short trip- lovers are increasing,  day by day, you may find it difficult to get the train seats, so you need to book your seats at least two months before.

You can opt for the SHALIMAR-PATNA or the PATNA-SHALIMAR express train. It covers one of the fastest route to Patna in about 8 hours.There are several hotels you can find right outside the railway station. Here are a few places that you can watch in your short travel span.

There is a place called GOLGHAR which is located in Park Rd, Rajaji Salai, Chajju Bagh, Patna -800001. It is basically a beehive-shaped structure, around which, there is a park. The entry fee is five rupees per person. This structure was made by the British during the time of colonisation for the storage of grains. Around GOLGHAR there is a park, in which, you can have lunch under the warmth of the sunny weather.

The next destination is GANDHI MAIDAN, a walking distance from GOLGHAR for about 10 minutes. It is a huge ground where currently a Trade fair is going on till the mid of this month. You can find beautiful Handloom works here. Also there is a preparation going on for the 26th of January.If you want to visit a nearby temple we have MAHABIR MANDIR near the PATNA railway station. It is a huge temple and you can find peace and sanity here. Also there is model of COAL TRAINS near the PATNA railway station.

Now let us quickly take a glance over the food items. Like the famous LITTI CHOUKHA, the speciality of Bihar,  there are various kinds of milkshakes and sweets. A kind of a roti made by sattu as stuffing is also available here. If you want to shop a little bit, there is a market right outside the railway station where you can find affordable products.

So here is the plan for your short trip which you can cover in about 2 or 3 days! Enjoy!

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