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Tendentious, a uncommon word with known meaning

“People are more tendentious than even-handed…”

Now a days biasing nature or tendentiousness is the most comon mal chracteristics of an individual.
When someone is tendentious, he or she shows a bias towards a particular point of view.

The root of the word tendentious is actually ‘tendency’, which means leaning towards acting in a certain way. The simplest term used to describe tendentiousness is partiality.

To be honest, from school, colleges to offices biasing has made its way everywhere.
A fair judgement is a rare case these days.
The root of this problem is actually very deep. People are losing their moral values and qualities. They are forgetting the difference between right and wrong.
And hence the result is in front of us— even-handed approach, i.e. a fair and impartial approach towards anything is missing badly.
Literally this tendentiousness leads to nasty politics in the fields of life, which is not wanted at all. This poor nature of people are highly unwanted.

Although it’s true that ‘people are more tendentious than even-handed’ , there are some still exists whose impartial approach wins our respect. Such people are actually welcomed in the ground of life.

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