Suppose your life is going smoothly and then suddenly one day cross-connection happens.

Will it be a blessing or a curse?

60 year old Mr. Das is waiting for his son since long time in his chamber at the old age home.

“Call my son Rahul or else I will not take the medicine!”

The nurse tried to console him but today he was looking something different. Others got scared and one of the old ladies asked the nurse to allow him to call his son.

“He never receives our call madam”, the nurse said.

Mr. Das snatched the nurse’s phone from her hand and dialed the number.

“It’s ringing!”

“Hello!” A voice came from the opposite side.

“How are you beta? I am missing you so much.”

The boy got excited, “Dad you called me finally. Oh my god! I am fine papa. I miss you too. I love you… I…Hello…Hello…Hello…”

The phone got disconnected.

“Your dad finally called you Samrat”, said Samrat’s wife.

Samrat smiled and said, “Finally Samrat Dutta’s father called him!”


Mr. Das on the opposite side gave a satisfying smile and said, “My son Rahul still loved me!”

Two different people suddenly got what they were waiting for a long time. Hardly both of them realized that it was just a cross-connection in the mobile network. Sometimes cross-connection seems a problem but sometimes it brings smile. Neither Samrat’s dad ever called nor Mr. Das’s son received but still it gave them a reason to hope, a reason to smile and for Mr. Das a reason to live.

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