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Unsolved Mystery

People are always attracted to mysteries. Some mysteries after repeated trials can be solved but there are still some unsolved mysteries which still puzzle the world.

He was going to jump from the twenty storeyed building when suddenly someone pulled him from back.

“Don’t stop me! I want to die”

The old lady caught his hand so tightly that he was unable to free himself. He cried loudly and said, “I can’t fulfill my parent’s dream. I can’t be a perfect son like my brother. I want to die.”

“But what will happen after you die? For few days everybody will cry and then you will be hanged in the wall with garlands, which will ultimately fade”, the lady tried to cool him down.

For a couple of hours they talked and it was time to leave. Fortunately, this time he was leaving for going home.

“By the way we’re new in this apartment Nanny. So where do you live? I will come to meet you.”

The old lady smiled and said, “Flat number 15”

After one month the boy cracked joint entrance exam and got chance in a reputed government college. Since that day he didn’t meet that lady. He bought a bouquet and a thank you card and went to her.

He rang the bell when a drunken man opened the door.

“Who are you and what do you want here?”

“Nanny…” And then his eyes went on the wall, where a rotten garland was hanged at the photo of that old lady.

He exclaimed, “She died! How?”

The drunken man looked back, “Oh! That’s my sweet mom who committed suicide. Thank god she died, this house is mine now!

Shockingly the boy asked, “When?”

“One year ago by jumping from the terrace of this building!”

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