One of the most popular terms of contemporary society, feminism has turned out to be the most unpopular notion these days due to the misinterpretation of its meaning.
Like any other ‘ism’, feminism is based on an idea, a belief; such an idea if nurtured can change the ‘patriarchal’ world… such a belief, if followed can make drastic changes to make the world a better place to live in.

Equality is the basis on which feminism rests: equality of gender and their rights,equality in the eyes of law and that of the whole world. A thing done or success achieved should be valued keeping in mind the achiever and not the person’s gender and so should everything else. This much needed question for equal rights for women in a male dominated world remains a question with a considerable number of people following it but receiving very few goals and very less popularity than it deserves.

Yet some ‘so called’ feminists in the name of feminism carry out the practise of hating males . The gradual misinterpretation of the otherwise great notion thus force a few questions in the minds of the commom mass. Thus, a true feminist abiding by the belief of equality in all respect is also the target of those people who recognize feminism as male bashing .

To a few, the word feminism is itself cool,so much so that they ignore the actual meaning of the word and the belief and go on to make an idea of their own.

To yet another lot, it is a word which should not be mentioned. In a patriarchal society,even today some feminists by heart do fear to speak up their desire for equal shares.

The idea is to give the deserving ones importance and not a particular gender. A female feminist does not ask for respect because of her gender; her actions and behavior will speak how much respect she deserves. A person does not have to give up his seat to a lady in a crowded bus because he’s a man and he supports feminism- he will only do so if he is willing and not judging the gender. A true feminist lady will not ask him for the seat even if it is reserved for the ladies.

Why are the seats reserved for only ladies like it is done for senior citizens or disabled persons which are quite understandable but why ladies? Why are only ladies offered free entries at particular places? Why are the complimentary drinks available only for the ladies? The list goes on…

Why are still women lagging behind? Why do they have to be afraid of their male colleagues? Why the deserted roads are not safe for them? The list goes on…

Feminism does not promote the idea of a matriarchal world and does not support the patriarchal either. Feminism is not male bashing or dominating over the males but it is asking for the rights applicable to all gender, it is asking for a world with no particular gender dominating the others. Unfortunately, the actual motive behind the movement is fading away under the pressure of the wrongly perceived meanings of the term.

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