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The Sacrifice Behind Success

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.



-‘Hi, this is Surya

from LaughaLaughi.’



-‘Why LaughaLaughi?’

-I have been noticing good write ups from this page

And I really want to be a part of such a wonderful thing. I want to polish myself and I believe this page would help me to do so.


These are the very first line by our admin in finding out new talents for one of

the most famous page LaughaLaughi. He is the pillar of the strong bonding

between every intern and departmental heads. It has been three years that LL

is serving the best till date. It has rendered contents related to every situation

that a person can face and that is why it is getting popular day by day. But have

we ever thought about that person who is serving so hard to reach it out to the people?


Surya Shankar Roy, this name has sacrificed a lot to give a standard place to the page. He has always helped everyone in every possible ways. We often do mistakes while writing something but he never shows us down rather he brings out the best part in it and makes it better with his own efficiency. He himself is a great writer and understands what exactly are the demands. Dada motivates everyone and he always digs out the hidden talent of someone. Everyone is given an equal chance to show their ability , these endowments never goes in vain but is definitely appreciated and used in a surprising way.


This person has the ability to manage more than 50 people in a strict way. Though he has his works in office but he never gives up for LL. He spends his whole night in editing every word we mess up and also gives a suitable template to it. The person never complains of handling so many works together. He has managed a lot of interviews and contacts of famous personalities and pulled up the page higher.

Not only strict, but the name knows how to make it easier for everyone, he never shows hierarchy rather he says we all are same and should be together to reach it out more. This individual definitely creates a healthy relationship with everyone and that is why no one hesitates to say something. We interns and heads have a good bonding just because of his tight hold on us. Dada has the leadership quality and a very friendly nature. All these qualities makes him perfect.


LaughaLaughi has now reached to a count of more than 2.5 lakhs. Apart from contents, blogs and photography this page conducts many events, interviews, competitions for everyone and Surya Shankar Roy is one of the pillars of this wonderful success. He is as strong as his name. This short write up is not enough to express his hard work not even a single portion. Dada we are very lucky to have such a supportive, strict and friendly person as an admin. We believe that this page will go higher and higher with your hands on it and we all have our fingers crossed. Tum jiyo hazaro saal LaughaLaughi…



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