Be it an injection or an addiction, DDLJ did work as a medicine! 😀 For some, it had good effects and for some? 😉



DDLJ changed the environment and the people too! Still wandering? Do give it a watch this time! 😀



According to Science, to have a sibling is good for health! But, they forgot to mention that watching DDLJ with sibling(s) brings more joy and love! 



Ya! It did bring a huge difference between the rich city life and the average mediocre one! 🙂



Remember the first day you went to college and the surroundings were so “different”. You were like an alien who seemed to pop in to another planet mistakenly! 😯 And then the entry of the “Hero”, your life savior! 😀



Few believes that watching DDLJ is better than going to a psychiatrist! So, do you think those who watch DDLJ needs treatment? Think 1001 times before saying it again! 😛 Maybe you can give it a try in the public to see the consequences! 😀



We were born in our mother’s lap. She knows everything even if we try to hide! So, what’s the point of hiding then? Yes, she is the BFF and always will be!



I am sure after reading this, many people will download the movie again from torrent (please stop piracy) and watch it one more time! But this time, they will ask their siblings and family to watch it together! 😀  

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