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Know more about Pallavi in her first interview at Kolkata

• Tell us about your journey Pallavi.

~ I went to Mumbai to do my graduation. I got excited about modeling while I was studying there and I had my college friends doing it. I also decided to try it a little bit. Then I ended up going for some shoot. I really liked it. I got some pictures, some 20-22 pictures, which now I think is not that good, because those had a lot of make ups on me. (Laughs) Then I ended up doing fashion week, but my parents asked me to give graduation a priority. After graduation, I was sent for some workshops related to acting, and auditions, which I found interesting, and wanted to know more about it. Then after the workshops, I auditioned for some films, after a couple of those, ‘Umeed’ came that way. The meeting for ‘Umeed’ happened, and they liked me, thankfully, and I got the part.

• Given an option, what would you choose, acting or modeling?

~ Modeling is something I really love, I have been doing it for a while now, and it’s exciting, but acting is very challenging. Acting is new to me. I want to learn more of it.

• ‘Umeed’ is your first step in Bollywood. So, how does it feel?

~ I am quite excited, because now there are so many types of movies in Bollywood which are different from those mainstream movies. So, now we have so many interesting choices, different types of stories.

• How much ‘umeed’ do you have from ‘Umeed’?

~ Really, so much.

Courtesy : Amborish Patra, LaughaLaughi

• How was your experience working with Rajat Mukherjee for the very first time?

~ The first time I met him, he was nice, and in audition, he showed me what to do and how to do it. After that, there were many workshops. Because there are many established actors in the film, and I was nervous about that. Because I don’t want to be the one who’s not good, while the rest of them are so much better. And Rajat Mukherjee called me a couple of days earlier, like, we were shooting at Goa, and he called me to ensure that I can watch the other actors doing their job. That made me so comfortable.

• You won the title of Vogue, ‘Model of the year’. So, how did it feel?

~ It was very exciting. Suddenly, a call came to me which said, “We are nominating you for this thing”. And the call was in early morning, and I was like, I woke up and as if I was still dreaming. Then I called my mom and dad, and told them about the call and how it seems like a dream. Till the moment I was on stage and they announced it, I was like, “Oh my God, I actually got it”. It was one of those good feelings, that whatever I am doing is getting a positive response, and has been liked by people. It motivated me a lot.

• Who is your inspiration?

~ In modeling there are so many people, like Kate Moss, but in acting, I would say Deepika, she has grown a lot. And there are so many good actors nowadays, like Kangana, Alia. I look up to them for the kind of roles they do.

• What are your upcoming projects apart from ‘Umeed’?

~ There are some issues with the censor board, the film was supposed to be released in September, but hopefully we are looking forward to December when everything will be clear. So, I am waiting for it. I am continuing my modeling and adds, but I am waiting for ‘Umeed’ to release at first.

• Message for your fans.

~ Just wait for my movie to come out. And then go and watch it. I hope you all will like it, because I have been working hard and I am stepping into this, and I wish you all enjoy it, as it is a great story.

• Message for LaughaLaughi.

~ You are a great platform. And this is my first proper interview in Kolkata, and being a Bengali I am very happy to do this. I didn’t get a chance like this before, so yeah, great people and great work.

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