There’s talent everywhere, much as there is beauty in abundance- only if we choose to open our eyes and watch the magic unfold. From across the borders with love, I happened to chance upon an eminent socialite and blogger Muhammad Zain Awan-Outreach Program Manager at AZCorp Entertainment and Studied MBA Advertisings & Media Management , Bi Majors Marketing at PAF-KIET. A friend for long, but little did I know that the boy has grown up, still humble even though he is known as a glitterati personality in his own circle of fashionistas. But this is not about him, rather it is about what he wants to share with us, so read on and be mesmerized.
Bridal Couture Week
From the ‘what’s hot’ to the ‘what’s not’, we wait for the fashion weeks to tell us about the latest trends. We wait in anticipation to know of the haute couture signature lines and the prêt-a-porter sagas that would dominate the streets, the boardroom meets and the glamorous weddings too. From across the border and with plenty of love, bling and the sassy pizzazz our maestros of designs have- I bring to you what Zain has shared with me- Bridal Couture Week, 2016.
Karachi, where the magic happened
The gold edition of the esteemed Bridal Couture Week, happened over the last weekend. With aplomb and a seductive trail that began the show, brides-to-be tuned in with delight as much as the merchandisers and the who’s who of the crème de la crème, to watch the glorious saga of bridal couture and high fashion unveil in all its grandeur, right before their eyes.
Amazing concepts, out of the box edgy bridal fashion and the humungous hard work behind it all- it was a mirage cum realty of handy craftsmanship, smart decadence of karigari and pop of colors in abundance, all across the ramp walk- could we not have heard the bombing of blossoms here in Kolkata, India?


From ethnic chic neutral toned couture pieces to saturated pastels (because red and pinks are the only shades for Asian brides any more), the color wheel spun its glorious magic in hues painting the venue pretty.
Numerous ensembles graced the catwalk, and collections – each of them told us a story. No doubles as such were portrayed ever, leaving the audience- the front row especially gasping for more. Now that’s what we call power fashion in the truest sense, which has helped brides-to-be find it easier to choose the bestest of the best (pardon my lingo), to flaunt on their magical D-Day.
Drama unveiled
Can we ever talk about the lovely shaadis, sangeets, mehendis and the rituals of a wedding, sans the drama? The answer is NO!
BCW thus played on the dramatic touches, the effects so ostentatious and one of a kind; grooms too weren’t left behind- BCW had something for everyone to relish their good times with.
Awaited as one of the biggest and the best bridal experiences ever, BCW brought the eccentric to marry the chic, the bold to marry the subtle, and the stylized to marry the street styled persona- marriage et troi for sure, is what I would call the BCW concept.
Eminent names that graced the show on the first two days
From eminent bridal designer Tabassum Mughal to Fahad Hussayn, Mansoor Akram to Deepak & Fahad, Team Mah e Mir to Team Udaari and Zainab Chottani to Team Yalghaar too- dresses, bridesmaid couture and prêt a porter lines to wedding trousseaus spun around the ramps like there was no tomorrow- quite obvious with such names handing over the exquisite seamstress touch! We also had our very own Indian designers playing along- Tarun Tahiliani to Neetal Lulla, along with famous Pakistani designers- Iman Ali & Nadia Hussain flaunting their masterpieces!
Day three stole the show
“Day 3 as expected had the best to offer.  Asifa & Nabeel looted the first show where as other designers were Nickie Nina, Mela By rang ja, Emraan Rajput and Aisha Imran. Asifa & Nabeel showcased the romance of pale bluish-purple hue and the fragile slender form of Lavendula.” Says Zain
And to let you know more, Zain adds “Emraan Rajput with his “The Royal Raj” aimed to bring the royalty back in bridal menswear, his collection was a representation of eastern aesthetic.  Show two kicked start by Star studded round up of Amir Adnan’s Ceremony collection. The collection is tasteful ode to classical tailoring and royal romance that is communicated through its bright games of tones.”
Zain speaks

“Sultana Siddiqui (President Hum Network Ltd) before the Grand finale commented on BCW, “ It has always been our core objective to highlight the positive attributes of Pakistan. With the participation of the fashion pioneers and so much immense talent platforms like BCW are the future.”

Over all BCW-Gold edition wasn’t that bad as it was expected after day 1 but again it wasn’t as good as the previous ones. Looking forward to much better one in future, the way it used to be done since start. The 13th edition of Bridal Couture week will be held in lahore from 25th to 27th November 2016”


We sure hope to hear from you soon Zain, and we in India appreciate the scoop you’ve provided us with. Wishes and love from us all at home here. And may our readers connect with you soon!
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