“You are bound to become a fan of  either Aryan Khanna  or  Gaurav Chandna but can’t stop yourself being a FAN of  SRK i.e. the face behind these two characters”



Stardom-Spotlight-Extravaganza-Success-Fan….the keywords that surround any star and keep on circulating around their lifetime of being whatever they are!

Yes am talking about the film FAN and whatever was needed to build the thing into the piece that you all will witness or had already witnessed in the silver screens this week. FAN creator Maneesh Sharma ,the Filmfare Award winning man for his debut film BAND BAAJA BAARAAT  that joined hands with Shah Rukh Khan,the man best fit for this venture and ends up giving him a new film apart from the bands of CHENNAI EXPRESS, HAPPY NEW YEAR, DILWALE to that level where films like CHAK DE INDIA , JAB TAAK HAI JAAN , and all other noteworthy works of SRK counts and buzz among the so called true fans. This is also a new genre for the director himself that made SHUDDH DESI ROMANCE , LADIES vs RICKY BAHL and his debut BAND BAAJA BAARAAT. That was the history of both and now what came up with FAN will be praised allover.


FAN is the story of an obsessed,mad,and a sentimental fan (GAURAV CHANDNA),who can reach high – reach out and to miles for his star ARYAN KHANNA. A slight misunderstanding , a lot of ego , much of anger and distress among the fan and star makes up the plot of the film.I won’t disclose the story here as I have nothing much to express because what ever it is in the first two teasers and the trailer itself is all about the film and its perception. fan-movie-stills-hd-wallpapers-srkTrust me there is something more to it but nothing that needs a special mention. Rather I must say … “Tu nahi samjhega… “ if still you can’t make out. Yes! the first portion of the movie is same to whatever you have seen in the teasers released by YRF!

Gaurav who calls himself the junior of Aryan Khanna confidently with his face look alike , his voice and his skills to act and perform the best scenes from the movies of his favorite actor.He collects posters,stickers,matchboxes wall hangings and whatever where he gets to see the face of his dream,the sensational ARYAN KHANNA. He travels to Mumbai without ticket in Rajdhani Express stays in hotel Delight,room no. 205 following the same that the actor did in his struggling phase.He fails to give his star the trophy and Halwais which he planned to give,failing which he takes shortcut actions to thrash another star who speaks against his favorite.Aryan Khanna warns him and tells him to go back and settle with his life after he came to known about such mishaps. Mad fan Gaurav takes this as a challenge and starts hating him promising to snatch the stardom of his star if he does’t apologize for his action of not giving him “.. life ke paach minute…paach second”.

“Drama to abhi suru hui hai…” fan-movie-still The catharsis of fan Gaurav brings about his nemesis. The thrilling atmosphere of the film takes a high peak after its first half separating both the halves into a lighter and darker phase of the film.

This is a different film apart from the other double rolled movies that has same features on both the roles but prosthetic makeup, smart acting, character differentiation and difference of both the characters in the filed of attitude makes the film must watch for the fans of Shah Rukh Khan but its my personal assurance that other people apart from the fans will also appreciate the movie for his acting. Shah Rukh Khan gives his cent percent in the film making it one of his career best in the last 5-6 years after continuous novice acts.Background scores could have been much better as this is a film without songs (“Jabra Fan” is not in the film ).1460635988_shahrukh-khan-fan

VFX glitch , vague chase scenes , extravagance deeds by a common fan however takes the good graph of the film down. Side appearance of other actors like Deepika Amin,Yogendra Tiku ,Shriya Pilgaonkar was good in terms of screen presence and acting . Special mention must go for Sayani Gupta for her smart dialogue delivery and presence as the P.A. of Aryan Khanna. People stating this as one man show by SRK is however true as this is totally his film and scope for other actors and characters were less as per the script is concerned.

The movie could have been still much better in terms of the plot and expectations by the viewers as the long climax scene takes up a predictable ending.You are bound to become a fan of  either Aryan Khanna  or  Gaurav Chandna but can’t stop yourself being a FAN of  SRK i.e. the face behind these two characters for which the film once again becomes a must watch for all in the summer weekends watching “FAN” in “AC” theaters!

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