‘Till the last breath’ is a romantic – tragic novel by Indian author Durjoy Dutta. It was first published          in 2012. Dutta depicts the story of four individuals and their struggles with their inner selves…

               The story represents what it truly means to be in love forever with that one person who, you see,  dying every second. The main protagonist of the story is Pihu, a happy-go-lucky medical student. However life takes a fatal turn when she is diagnosed with a critical physical disease. In hospital she meets with Dr. Armaan with whom she falls in love. He also has some dark pasts and thus, is rude to everyone.

             His co-doctor Zaara, who was  raped at a young age and hates her father for not trusting her, is treating Dushyant, another patient in Pihu’s room. As the story moves forward, we notice their desperate inner struggles with their own inner selves and their stages of falling in love. However one question, that looms over from the very beginning is that, will both the patients recover? For this very answer, you must read the book as it will be a great experience fro you and also keep you with a  handkerchief ready, for the ending!

            Durjoy Dutta is famous for creating such  realistic imaginations in the minds of the readers. The starting of the story is very interesting, since it will keep the reader glued  to the pages. However, the middle part seems to be a little disoriented. Again, the last part, or the climax part is amazing! 

           Dutta does a great job in depicting the realistic situation and the long lasting bond of love! It can make you cry too, while rewinding the same emotional extremities, in your own life.. There is absolutely, no exaggeration of information. The storyline is unpredictable at the end and Durjoy succeeds in penetrating into a readers mind through his story, of love and friendship, very vividly indeed.

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