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Woman jumps off from train to escape rape

Harassed and molested for hours in the general compartment of an Alipurduar- bound train on Tuesday night, a 25 year old woman jumped off with her 10 month old baby when she suspected that their tormentors were planning to rape her. Her husband, too, lept off behind her. Luckily for the couple, the Mahananda Express had slowed down as it entered the elephant corridor near Rajabhatkhawa in Buxa Tiger Reserve, where the maximum speed limit is 10-15 km/hour. All three survived, but sustained head injuries.

Daradi Bibi and her husband Ashabul Haque, 32, had boarded the train with daughter Asmita Parveen at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh where they work as labourers. Residents of Dinhata, Coochbehar, they were returning home for Eid.

Since their train was running nine hours late, most of the passengers got off at NJP station. As soon as the train pulled out, five-six persons started harassing Daradi. They made lewd comments and even tried to molest her and threatened Ashabul when he protested.

The harassment went on for the next three-four hours till the train crossed Birpara station. After Daradi overheard the men talking about tying her husband up, she decided to jump off. They were anticipating their jump and when the train proceeded into the forest, they jumped.

It was around 11 pm and the tiger reserve was pitch dark. Though injured, the couple picked themselves up and trudged along the rail tracks for over 30 minutes to reach Rajabhatkhawa railway station. The station authorities immediately informed railway control at Alipurduar. An ambulance was then sent to take them to Alipurduar rail hospital. By the time the searched started, the accused had fled. Further investigation is under process.

Content Writing : Poulami Ghosh Ray 
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