SVF Music Unveils the Love Ballad “Bole Dao” Showcasing New Talents and Everlasting

Kolkata,14th August 2023— SVF Music has come up with its next music video, the song of
Love called “Bole Dao”. SVF Music has always supported emerging artistes, songwriters and
composers, this time it is the debutant composer-lyricist, Soumyadip Chakraborty who has
come up with one of his finest compositions where Timir Biswas has lent his magical voice.
Timir Biswas has previously given us massive hits like Bhogoban, Bole De Na and many
more. “Bole Dao” is a soul-stirring composition that makes us believe that the ones we love
and who truly love us, never really leave us.

Soumyadip Chakraborty conveyed his thoughts, saying, “I clearly remember when I first
came to pitch the song to SVF Music, how welcoming they were, it was a dream come true
moment to get associated with SVF Music. I am yet to believe that I was groomed
throughout the process for which, Bole Dao happened. It was also a blessing to work with
Timir Da. The journey has been great till now and this is an overwhelming experience I’ve

Jasmine Roy – Gourab Roy Chowdhury, a prominent internet sensation, and a celebrated
onscreen duo, bring their captivating chemistry to “Bole Dao”, creating a visually stunning
production that harmoniously resonates with the song’s profound theme of enduring love
and hope. This collaboration marks their first venture with SVF Music, promising a blend of
music and visuals that will captivate audiences.

The music video chronicles the journey of Sayak and Rohini, portrayed by Jasmine Roy and
Gourab Roy Chowdhury, whose lives undergo a transition from a prolonged courtship to the
realm of matrimony. Their extraordinary bond becomes the hallmark of the video,
underscoring the beauty of genuine connections.

Jasmine Roy shared her excitement about the project, stating, “Being SVF Music’s single’s
face has always been something I wanted to do. Working on ‘Bole Dao’ has been an absolute
delight. The character I am playing, Rohini, is the happy-go-lucky chirpy girl who marries
the love of her life and is living the dream she wanted forever. But destiny had other plans.
The video talks of the love which stays forever. The song’s message is so beautiful, and
sharing the screen with Gourab to bring this narrative to life was an enriching experience.”
Gourab Roy Chowdhury expressed his thoughts, saying, “I still remember the time when the
storyline of ‘Bole Dao’ was briefed to me, and I knew that time it would touch millions of
hearts. Of course, this time, coupling up opposite Jasmine was an experience. The music
video is heartwarming, and I believe audiences will connect with the emotions it evokes.
Collaborating with SVF Music on this project has been truly rewarding.”

“Bole Dao” encapsulates the timeless notion that the love we offer never truly fades; it
invariably discovers its way back to us. Timir Biswas’s evocative vocals infuse depth and
sentiment into this melodious creation, transforming it into an exquisite piece of artistry.
It is a composition that mirrors the everlasting nature of true love and emphasizes the idea
that every act of affection leaves an indelible mark. This project is a celebration of new
talents and the unceasing power of love.

SVF Music invites audiences to experience the magic of music, love, and new talent in this
upcoming visual and auditory masterpiece.

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