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Note regarding Netaji discovered: Riddles about his death continue

Controversies spark by a small note found inside declassified Netaji files from an intelligence agency. The note’s content mainly deals with how Netaji’s wife Emillie Schenkel reacted to his death.

Torn at the lower left corner, the note reveals that just before leaving, Bose had composed a letter in Bengali, addressing it to Sarat Chandra Bose. He asks Emillie, in the note, to make photographed copies of the same and send them to Sarat Chandra. The letter also makes mention of Netaji’s marriage to Schenkel and of their daughter’s birth. The note has Emillie say that she would comply with Netaji’s request and send the copies as soon as possible.

Emillie also mentions about her post as an interpreter in the trunk office in Vienna, thereby establishing that she is not in need of any financial help. The letter also has the record of Emillie’s shock when she learned of her husband’s death.

“Netaji wrote the letter before he left Germany and it was smuggled by the police. We were aware of the letter,” said Dwarka Bose, Netaji’s nephew and Sunil Bose’s son. He added that Sarat Bose received the letter sometime shortly after it was written.


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