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Let’s know Nilesh as Dmello

1. Do you owe your success and popularity to ‘ Nilesh of D3 ’?

Nilesh did make me famous, I can completely relate the character to myself and it’s obvious that because of Nilesh, Dmello became popular.

2. Did you want to be a dancer since childhood? now you are a choreographer and an actor as well, so was it also in the checklist? How has your family reacted to your choices?

I have been dancing since my school days but on the contrary, I always wanted to be someone who would be a popular television face and so that happened. I’m pretty happy that I get to dance and act in harmony.

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My family has always been very supportive, they were specific about my graduation. I completed it and then stepped into the professional world , so it didn’t really matter to them whether I was a dancer or an actor. They have been always there beside me happily.

3. Who has been your reel and real life inspiration?

Real life – my parents and I should not miss Shantanu, he has always inspired me, supported me.

Reel life -Pravudeva sir.

4. How did you step into to the world of fame?

I used to dance at every chance I got during my college days. I had casually gone for the audition of D3, my first audition and the worst one because I didn’t know how to act. Surprisingly, I received a call within a few days for further process. I was told that I got selected. I thought that the director was kidding with me initially but later on, he confirmed that it was not a prank. I have also worked for the ‘Bindass Nach’ and ‘Girls on Top’ after completing D3.

5. How is D’mello different from Nilesh?

There is not much differences, the pranks that Nilesh did on screen are done off screen by D’mello. You can say, I had to portray myself on screen with a different name .

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6. If you are asked to choose between two most well connected people from the D3 cast, whom would you name and why?

Well I can’t choose any two but I would chose the boys gang of D3(Dil Dosti Dance) , we had good time together- having fun, running around the sets, dancing together. We used to be always together in one room, in fact we have our own you tube channel .

7. You are crazily popular among women but who is the lucky one among and above all?


I’m happy being single but this would be wrong if I say I’m single, I’m actively in a relationship with dance !

8.You have represented India in the world of dance with Shantanu Maheshwari and Nimit Koitan , share us your experience about it?

‘World of Dance’ has been the best experience and achievement of my life. Winning it was another milestone achieved in my life . I can’t explain you in words how lucky I was to be a part of the team .

We have worked really hard as team and represented our nation. It makes me and my team more proud as we won as team ‘India’.

9.How do you differentiate among dance practices in India and abroad ?

I will be crisp answering this, what I actually found out was deeply interesting. Mentors abroad are very strict and disciplined in their attitude, they are pretty scheduled and methodical while teaching, always fixing a goal for the learners but they are not biased at all!

Improvisation is also a part of their acts with good conceptualisation, but they portray on different note, making more crisp performances so that you don’t end up saying its less of dance and more of acting and expression!

10. A message for LaughaLaughi?

You guys are doing a great job , thanks for interviewing me, all the best for your future, you guys are definitely going to be hit and keep LaughaLaughi-ing!

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