You Create, We Nurture

Month: August 2015

Interview Session with Abhijit Ghoshal

We had lately got  the chance to take the interview of a man who left his job to express his love for Music, Abhijit Ghoshal, a popular singer of Zee TV’s Saregamapa.  Do you believe in karma? How has it influenced your life…

Being Strong.. For how long.?

Beautiful and Charming as she was with innocence drawn burled,, virtuous she was who deserved all the happiness of the world..   Loved just one guy, though having options myriad,, As unbridled she was within the periphery of her heart…..

Sick Roads: A Debilitated Episode

The recent past has been plaguing the local folks round Behala with the messy roads all over. The pitied roads, if could be photographed, would have invoked sympathies to the beholders. The crippled, fractured D.H. Road is being such pain,…

Interview Session with Mirakkelian Partha

We had lately got  the chance to visit and interview one of the known faces, Partha, from Mirakkel, a popular reality ‘Standup comedy’ show of Zee Bangla. He was also the joint winner with his partner Vicky in Mirakkel’s season-6….


Patterns So here I am, sitting with nothing but a blank imagination, the day’s newspaper and the excitement and nervousness that prevails when your examinations are about to end. I could have written about anything-sex, drugs, classic rock-just about anything….

Chetonar bish

Khub kanna aschilo Poth cholte cholte ekta nuri pathor khuje peyechi. Mon ta halka lagchilo khub Brishtir moddhe ekta kalo megh hate dhorechi. Nuri pathor ta rakhle mon ta halka lagena ar. Sudhu bhoy hoy jedin pathore chape mon ta…

The “Selfie”sh Mania Round The Globe

  SELFIES or self-photographed portraits, the new trend of this age , is familiar to one and all. Infact owing to the popularity and relevance of selfies in today’s world , the word selfie was recently added to the Oxford…

Interview Session with ‘Funnyman’ Vicky

Vicky Nandy is a well-known name in the entertainment industry and can be termed as a complete entertainer. He is an actor, comedian, anchor and a dancer too and has won Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 6 alongwith his fellow participant Partha….

ভালবাসার সেকাল-একাল

  ভালবাসা মানে আগে জানতাম দুটি মনের মিল এখন দেখি সেটা শুধুই রেস্টুরেন্টের বিল ভালবাসা মানে তুমি, আমি আর পাতাঝরা বৃষ্টির জল এবার দুজনে মিলে একটা সেলফি তুলি চল! ভালবাসা মানে এক কাপ চায়ে অনেক অজানাকে জানা হ্যাংআউটের কোনো জায়গা…

রাজনীতি তাজনীতি

ভোট চাই ভোট দাও, দেনার হাওয়া এ চুল উড়াও; মাসিক টাকা ঘরে এনে চম্পা চামেলীর ভাত জোগাও; রাস্তা-ঘাট এ ভষ্ম ভুল, ঝড় বাদলা এ হুলুস্তুল ওমুক দিদির তমুক খোকা ‘চিট ফান্ড’ এই মশগুল ; ‘উন্নয়ন’ কচলানি, ‘বাবু’ দের হয়রানি, সাদা…