XIMB(Xavier Institute Of Management and Buisness ) is a buisness school loacted in Bhubaneswar, the captial of eastern Indian state of Odisha. It is governed by the Government of India, Government of Odisha and the society of Jesus. It is going to organize its cultural fest of the year Xpressions. XIMB, a 30 years old business school of global repute is the Flagship School of Xavier University.

Xpressions 2018, the management cultural fest of XIMB, one of the biggest Management-Cultural fest of India, is a three-day extravaganza which is scheduled to take place from 16th to 18th November 2018. And the students are all geared up to make this event a grand success. Xpressions 2018 plans to reach out to the best minds of business schools to test and challenge their business acumen as well as their zeal and vigor towards life. The three days are packed with business simulation games, cultural activities, fun-filled games, art exhibitions, and much more. As a prelude to Xpressions, social events X-Athon and X-Enable are conducted every year.

With only 10 more days to go, here are the events that are scheduled to make Xpressions eventful and memorable. Veritable business acumen is required to do well in the corporate world, and Xpressions gives the perfect platform to test one’s managerial skills. The different business events include, Case Connect (a National-Level Case Study Competition), Inquizzitive (a Flagship Quizzing Competition), Maven (a National-Level Case Study Competition, organized by Constrat: the strategy association), MPower (A Marketing based Business event), Nirnay (Online Simulation Game), Trade Wars (a Trading Simulation Game), Vakritva (An SRC and SpeakUp featured event), Vriddhi (A CSR Action Plan Competition), XIMB MUN(UN Simulation Competition by SpeakUp, the Oratory Club), Resonance (a business simulation gaming event), Aarohan ( the operations based case study event), Finasco (a finance based case study competition), and Ad Valorem ( the event to showcase one’s entrepreneurial acumen). Other events Decibelz, Goonj, Thirkan, Aaghaz, Carnival De Vogue, Paint@XIMB, Pratibimb, Viraasat, Flight of Fancy , MAXIM Mela , LENSATION, ZORB IT OUT, FINAL CUT etc.

All the events have already kicked off witnessing participation from various institutes such as IIM-Amritsar, IIM-Sambalpur, IIM-Rohtak, NMIMS Mumbai, KJ Somaiya to name a few.

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These cultural and business events foster the soul of Xpressions, undoubtedly one of the biggest management & cultural fest of India; giving a platform to the leaders of tomorrow to showcase their ability to take on formidable challenges today.

Last year Xpressions had witnessed the ravishing performance by Farhan Akhtar. Performing for the very first time in Bhubaneswar, not just XIMBians, but also the whole of Bhubaneswar awaited his performance. It was a starry night, adding another feather to the cap of all the previous glorious Xpressions. To astound everyone again, XIMB promises of an even more entertaining evening this year. XIMB awaits to host Sunidhi Chauhan for the live performance on Celeblitz, the Celebrity Night. Just 20 more days left for the grand event to astonish the city of Bhubaneswar. The energy is high, and it seems that the waves of excitement are going to cause tremors unwitnessed in Bhubaneswar.

It is a break for students from their hetic schedule. This fete has the legacy of amzing reviews from all over the states. The environment turns more festive than ever and it is a lifetime experience for everyone who attends the fest. It’s an escape for all the students who are going to be here and of course this fest wont disappoint them.

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