Written Update of Bigg Boss 12-Episode 50-Day 49

Weekend ka Vaar– Diwali special started with a dance performance by the comedy queen Bharti Singh and our one and only superstar Salman Khan. Later, Bharti left the stage and went inside the Bigg Boss house along with Aditya Narayan.

Salman entered the house through T.V and gave a Diwali special task to the housmates. The housemates had to choose which housmate was spreading bitterness in the house and which constestant extent all the joy, happiness by their activities. Jasleen chose Romil as a bitter person and fed sweets to Somi for spreading positivity in the house. Romil chose Jasleen for the lamp-crown and gave sweets to Surbhi. Surbhi selected KV for the negative tag and Romil for spreading happiness in the house. Surprisingly, Megha chose Dipika for the Sweets and Romil for the crown. When Salman left, Jasleen and Romil patched up with a hug but Somi didn’t want to say or listen to any sorry. She said, she just needs a respectful distance from Romil.

To make this diwali more special Bharti and Aditya entered the house and greeted Happy Diwali to everyone. When Bharti was there, there should be some fun and humour. Bharti teased every contestants by her own style and Aditya sang two funny parody song over the behaviour of the contestants. After that, they did a task where they would choose housemates and gave them some special task. If they win, they would get a coin to receive the gifts which came from their houses. As the winners, Rohit, Srishty, Dipika, Sreesanth, Dipak, Romil, Surbhi get the chance to open their gifts. After receiving the gifts of love from home, housemates got emotional. To lighten up the situation, Salman came back through T.V and did some badinage with housemates. Then, the time came for this week’s Sultani Akhada task. Shivashis and KV were competing against each other. By all the 11 votes Shivashis won the 1st round but with the physical strength, KV won the 2nd task and became the winner of this week’s Sultani Akhada.

Finally, Salman blast the biggest bomb in this diwali week. He announced, this week’s elimination would be based on the least entertaining contestant and the result would be taken by the votes of the saved housmates. By majority, they evicted Urvashi and saved Jasleen, Shivashis, Megha and Rohit. Urvashi found very disappointed towards her friends, who were voted for her elimation. But the time she leaving the house, she got emotional and hugged everybody. Srishty found very emotional in this whole eviction.

-Priti Saha

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