Written Update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 26-DAY 25

Sree & Anup are watching the members from the out-house. Saba gets emotional on Sree’s eviction, rest gossips about the members who took Sree’s name. Sree is in shock as Dipika took his name in spite of being so close to him. Dipika keeps on crying & defends herself by saying that Sree told her many times that he wanted to go home so, she took his name. Srishty explains Saurabh that Sree doesn’t deserve to be evicted. Nehha, Dipika, Jasleen, Saurabh & Shiv discuss about Sree’s eviction. Deepak lightens the atmosphere by singing a melodious song.

No one danced in this morning, an unexpected act by the members. Sree says that Deepak-Urvashi, Romil are genuine. He lacks faith on Dipika.

Dipika’s tears don’t stop. She explains KV the same topic. Sree & Anup watch their conversation & criticize. The members try to explain Nehha that she should be more active & shouldn’t get over-powered.

KV motivates Srishty to fight strongly in the captaincy task.

The captaincy task is announced. All the members will have a tray full of magnets. The contestants (Saba & Srishty) competing in the task will convince the members to give them their tray. After collecting those, they will have to stick the magnets in the wall placed in the garden area & write their names. The opponent can strike off her competitor’s name & write her name instead. The one having highest no. of magnets in her name will win. Dipika will be the coordinator.

The task begins. Saba & Srishty convince the members in their own individual ways. Nehha, Jasleen, Deepak-Urvashi, Romil-Surbhi give their trays to Saba. Srishty comes & tries to strike off Saba’s names. Saba pushes her. They both try to write their names while stopping the other which resulted in pushing & pulling. Saba throws Srishty’s magnets & Srishty does the same so, Saba pushes her hard & she falls on the ground. Srishty gets hyper, Dipika controls her. Saba defends herself by saying that Srishty started getting physical by pulling her hair at first. Srishty locks herself in the washroom & tries to harm herself. KV & Saurabh console her.

Bigg Boss stops the game. Surbhi comforts Saba as she starts crying. Dipika explains Srishty that she should have played strategically instead of showing aggression.

Bigg Boss asks Dipika to explain what exactly happened during the task. Dipika says that when Saba started the task, Srishty came & started striking off Saba’s names so, Saba tried to protect her magnetic plates. Unintentionally, Srishty pulled Saba’s hair. And then they both pushed each other for the task. When Srishty began to remove Saba’s magnets, Saba tried to stop her & Srishty fell down. The intensity can only be explained by them. As reaction, Srishty got up & pushed back Saba. Dipika came in between else Srishty would have slapped Saba. 

Bigg Boss says that two days back Shiv & Surbhi were punished for getting physical. And today, the same thing happened. So, as a punishment, the Khan sisters & Srishty would never be allowed to become the captains during their stay in the house & also, Romil-Surbhi will remain the captains for this week. Severe punishment will be given if someone tries to harm himself/herself in the future.

Saba cries, Romil-Surbhi console her. Srishty doesn’t accept that both of them were equally guity. Nehha & Dipika speak about the punishment.

Dipika tells KV that Srishty was wrong as she started getting physical. Nehha also joins them. Sree can’t agree to her words & supports Srishty from the secret-room. He promises to expose real faces of Nehha & Dipika on the show once he goes back in the house. – Sreetama Thakur

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