Bengali cinema will always be an emotion for us. But nowadays, after the digital revolution, the OTT platforms have gained more popularity. The pandemic is also one of the reasons behind this change.

ROOP PRODUCTION has entered this industry with their first web series ‘PHYSCHO’. The second and third web series produced by the company are ‘OLPO HOLEO SOTTI’ and ‘SONDHE NAMAR PORE’.

Action, romantic and a thrill ride is what we are expecting from these three web series. The successful web series actor Saurav Das a.k.a Montu Pilot, Darsona Banik, Rishav Basu and Sreejoni Mitra are the lead actors in ‘OLPO HOLEO SOTTI’.

Arnab Mukhopadhyay, Aishwarya Sen and Rana Basu Thakur are the faces in ‘SONDHE NAMAR PORE’.

Psycho has been directed by Bappa whilst the other two have been directed by Soumyajeet Adak.

All of the three web series are produced by the duo Ankit Das and Suresh Tolani.

We are expecting a good response from the audience as they idea and the story is different from what we have witnessed so far in this regard.

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