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Moment, when you are trying too hard

Moment, when you are trying hard; but it’s not working.

We all go through many transitional periods of life, some go earlier and some go late. But do you have that one moment when you try to be with someone but simply it’s not working. You feel guilty, you feel supremely dependant upon that person, you feel bad for yourself, you feel the anxiety disorder – all at the same time. And beside that you have your professional and family life as well which should be maintained properly and tenderly.

Find the reason behind it’s failure. Many people do not realise the actual reason behind all their fightings and they aimlessly blame each other. Imagine a situation when you just had a fight over something and you felt deep regression. So then you called that person to say sorry but ended up again fighting with that person; again felt terrible. It’s a vicious cycle though. That moment you should take a pause and reconsider your thoughts. You should understand your core.

Usually regression leads to self-loathing cycle. When you put all blame upon your hot temperament and continuously think that you are the culprit, you seem to miss the actual core. In this moment you should behave a little sympathetic towards yourself. Imagine you are a friend of yourself, sit down, let out all your worries and confessions and feel the ease. Behave a little neutrally, try to find what ignites the anger in you and solve it but be sympathetic towards yourself at first.

If something is meant to work then it will automatically. Putting effort always doesn’t mean that it will be solved; may be you will get an experience for life time. Do not depend entirely upon that person, it will leave you devastated and don’t be defensive always. In that moment you must realise only yourself but no one else.

So here were my few suggestions that will hopefully help you in your hopeless situations. I know its not much, may be in that moment, these suggestions will do only a small work, but remember that it has it’s own potential if you use it carefully. And always remember that you have yourself; nothing but yourself.

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