You Create, We Nurture



Maybe we’ll meet again,

Maybe a year from now, maybe ten

Maybe I’ll find you when I’ll finally give up searching your face in the crowd

They say you find it when you least expect it,

So if I stop expecting, will you come back?

Maybe I’ll find you, in a remote bar in a distant city

Or in a queue while boarding the train

Or maybe I’ll find you sitting a few rows down, in the bus

Maybe I’ll even approach you,

With shaking hands and a pounding heart,

But do I dare disturb the unspoken, unfathomable, uncorrupted magic that we had?

Maybe you’ll be married then, who knows,

I might have found my version of white picket fences too!

Maybe you’ll recognize me, or maybe you’ll pretend to forget the moment

Our eyes met and when for a second, though just for a second, the whole world seemed to stop?

Maybe you’ll finally find it in your heart to speak up,

Or maybe I will find the courage that I cursed myself for not having,

Maybe we’ll meet again,

And start the conversation that we never dared to,

Till then memories will have to suffice.

The world’s a small place,

One can only hope it really is.

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