Five Sassy And Sultry Bohemian Makeup Looks to Flaunt


Carnival time folks and you just have to be ready and all dolled up for the occasion. It is not only about the chunky charming accessories or the chic boho chic clothing, but also about the makeup too. I am not asking you to ruffle up the purse strings for expensive cosmetics to buy, but with the help of hacks let’s doll up prettiest for the event ahead. Here are five playful looks to get the sultry bohemian look, for the climes we live in and for the Flea Style carnival too. Read on and get inspired!


Dramatic eyes and lips

For the lass that wants to share her free-spirited boho touch with the world, and with a no-nonsense attitude to flaunt as well, darker shades on the lips with a sultry touch to the eyes would bring in the drama. Mascara well applied to the lashes, enhances the look for sure. What you should choose for the lips to pout right would be matte hues in berry reds, wines, deep reds, browns mixed with reds and darker cool tones rather than warm shades. The same would be for the eyes though, just this time the look should be balanced with lighter shades of pinks and reds, berry wines and magentas. Dark kohl rimmed eyes, both up and down creates an intense look.



Keeping it simple and nude

A shade closest to your skin tone with foundation application is a must, and should you have problems on the skin such as acne scars, age spots, blemishes etc, I would say use a shade darker with foundation first and then a shade lighter to balance the look. Apply your foundation and set it with a damp sponge- dab to blend in well. Line your lips with a peach lip liner and fill the lips with a peach lip stain, and a hint of orange can be used too. I would look at matte shades here since the colors are warm toned and the look would be too loud under the harsh summer sun. For the eyes, with a black eye pencil you must create a line very thin and closest to the lashes. You may opt to leave it at that or smudge the rim of the lash line; your choice. One stroke of invisible mascara is a must for the sultry effect to come through.



Highlighted brow arch

For women with dusky to ebony skin types, there is plenty to play with. What I would look at here is to highlight the brow apex or the arch with a shade of peach or yellow, which helps create an uplifting effect. Highlight the area above the cheekbones, below the cheekbones and just above the jawline with a highlighting matte powder, and keep the lips nude to peach with a hint of gloss (optional). Double rim the upper and lower lids of the eyes, and till the crease use light shades of brown or neutral toned colors to blend into the inner corner of the eyes. The final touch would be with a little shimmer not too loud, for the sassy effect on the eyelids to come through.


Teal eyes so fine

There’s always something seductive and sensual with teal eyes, in colours soothing and cool that too. from sea greens to playful violets, lavender to misty blues and more, you can create a dramatic look for the carnival evening ahead. Highlight the brow area or the apex of the brow with yellow to off-white shades, and from the crease line to the lash line of the upper lids use a matte peach shade to wipe the eyes with. The inner to the mid-section of the eyes should have light violet in matte applied, while the mid to the outer corner of the eyes should have a shade darker to the violet already used. Dab your applicator brush in a pinch of white shimmer powder and apply on the mid section of the lid, and blend till the crease line on both sides. For the lower lash line, use a blue pencil and smudge the same with a hint of violet eyeshadow.



Twiggy wiggy eyes

Twiggy wiggy eyes have been famous ever since the 60s, and this is a look where you can play with the type of eyeliner you want- winged, cat, almond et al. Light shades of teal should be used to color the lids with. Lighter shades for the inner to the mid section of the eyes and darker shades for the mid to the outer sections as well! Instead of using black, brown or darker shades of eyeliner to rim the lash lines with, you could use blues, greens or yellows for the eyes- smudging the color into the lashes. Use black mascara for the lashes and with an eyelash brush, using upward strokes create the twiggy effect.


Have fun ladies!


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