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Do you believe in the paranormal?

Have you ever felt something uncanny around you?
Have you ever been to a place, that made you feel something is mysterious there?
Have you ever been a witness of a paranormal activity?

Yes, Paranormal activity is one of the most controversial topics of this new era.
But, along with it the progress of scientific researches on this featured topic has been increasing day by day.
Although the dark truth is yet to reveal fully to us, many researchers in this field have left us dumbstruck

Including the greatest physicists of the world, many physicists have claimed that there are four dimensions, from which we can experience only three.
But, many modern scientific researchers say that there are 7 dimensions, of which the DIMENSION OF PARANORMAL WORLD is the fifth one.

Being a research topic, we can’t surely claim about things, but many times we come across so many incidents that are beyond natural explanations and science doesn’t have any explanation of those.
There are many haunted cases with unsolved mysteries. Many people have witnessed paranormal activites in many renowned haunted places around the world.
“The Conjuring” family wasn’t an exception…

Paranormlists believe that spirits exist in almost all places we roam or stay, but they are not harmful. AND they have the ability to manifest themselves visually and selectively.

So readers,be alert, because it may happen that one of them is watching you, or staring at you through the mirror while you are busy in reading it.

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