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Bigg Boss 12-Episode-4-Day 3

As we already have seen in the last episode, Sreesanth threw a loose comment about Somi’s “up-bringing” so they had an emotional fight over this comment. And as a result, Sree decided to leave the house. Deepika, Karanvir and few other housemates were trying to convince him that he is wrong and he should say sorry to Somi. Karanvir handled this matter in a very matured way. He also had a talk with a girl to sort this out.

In between all of these, Deepak was passing a comment about Saba that “Yeh Ladki bohot Zeherili hai” and the Roadies girl, Kriti also added that “Yeh dono ki dono Aisi hain“.
After this incident, the two sisters had a nasty fight with both Kriti and Deepak. Nirmal & Karanvir managed to sort the situation. After this outrageous fight, Deepak & Sree individually went to the two sisters and said sorry for their behaviour.

Day 3 started with very positive vibes. Deepak was entertaining everybody in a very funny way.
Shiv & Romil were found discussing the most ‘Shani’ girl. They had a short conversation about all the girls in the house.

Bigg boss Announced the “Nomination Prakriya” was going to start. As few contestants didn’t co-operate in the BB press conference that’s why for this week all the housemates were nominated. After this announcement, he called all the Jodis in the activity area and on the sofa area, all the single participants got a chance to nominate between two jodis from the choices given by Bigg Boss and vice-versa for the jodis.
For this week, Nominated contestants are Roshni & Kriti, Saba & Somi, Shivashish & Sourabh, Sristi, Deepak.

On one hand, Kriti was found to be very upset for her nomination & on the other side, Shiv & Saurabh had a small argument over the fact that Shiv doesn’t co-operate in household works.

In the bathroom area, Kriti reacted very weirdly with Urvashi regarding the smell in the bathroom. Urvashi went to the garden area and started crying. Nirmal & Dipika consoled Urvashi & after the emotional drama, Kriti apologised to Urvashi.

-Priti Saha

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