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A Tinge Of Positivity

One fine day, you wake up all of a sudden and all you desire is, to paint the world with fresh coats of paint! Bright colours! That benzene tinge that marks the new beginning. That instinct when you are benumbed with the beauty around you! Everything around you feels happy. Maybe, not changed, but that sixth sense that makes you hope that things are going to be fine if not better! After burning both the ends of your candle, you finally see a light glow so beautifully, that satiates the inner YOU. A cool calm and fresh feeling!
They say, the more you laugh, the more you cry.
The more you feel better about you, the very next moment holds a burning sadness for you!

So? What should be done?
Shall the World around us be turned to a mourning and depressed stage where we act as machines holding no emotions within us??
No. Never.
This is the time. Do not let it go.

Hold your breath, then laugh, convince yourself that maybe, things are’nt good at present, in reality. But, the very positive vibes within you can definitely make it better. It might not change the situation, but it surely changes your powers to tackle the war! Make yourself happy! Make others happy too!
Believe in yourself!
We all can be HEROES!

We all have the magical spark within us! Mix the magic with the willpower in you, and there you go… ready for the fight called LIFE!!

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