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Weekend Isspecial

It Was Her Dream But Not Her Future

Was she really immature? Was her love Immature?


But she felt it was pure enough… It was enough for them… But it was not only about them.


Others said… Their relation could destroy many lives… Why? He was not a criminal nor he cheated on her… Then why did they say so?


She was 16… Maturity did not grow till then… But she felt the friendship…


He was 18..  He tried to act like her father and gave whatever happiness he could give… Scolded her at times…

5But he could never see her sad… A kiss over the phone was enough to make her day blissful…!!

Top view of teen girl lying on her bed talking on her cell phone

NEXT YEAR .. Everything was exactly the same as before… Their Birthdays were different that year… their teenage life was growing together..


They rarely met… But one couldn’t spent a single day without hearing each others voice..! Months turned into years…


3 years went by…  But it was still the same..  She thought he was a part of her family! They imagined their future together!


But they were separated forever… They cried…  Shouted…   Her mom cried and blamed her destiny..  Her father locked her. She was no more allowed to go out. She had no phone…


She only had their memories… And his phone number…! Months went by…  She found her mom’s phone on the bed …A single text made his life better… She received a instant call from him… Words were less to express their feelings…  Months felt like years…!


But in RELIGION came between……


Now she is matured enough, for her…  He is still her HERO. Her DREAM. Her WISH. BUT NOT HER FUTURE.


He still thinks of her HAPPINESS… he still can’t see her sad. 14

One kiss over the phone could still make their day blissful 🙂 Its been 5 years… But RELIGION separated them forever.


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