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A visit to the rainy town-Cherrapunjee

With the presence of several forestry and hilly resorts, one can divide the places of interest according to the days of their staycation.
Throughout the staycation, one would be extremely lucky to experience the rain of the beautiful city.

DAY 1-
Exploring Cherrapunjee must be started by visiting the Nohkalikai Falls, the tallest plunge waterfall in India. Its height is 1115 feet. After the breath-taking view, the next place for the day would be Mawsmai Caves, by far the most accessible cave for many travelers as it is one of the few caves one can explore without a guide. The third and the last spot for the day would be Double Decker Living Root Bridge, for having a lifetime experience.

Day 2
Start day 2 in Cherrapunjee by visiting Dainthlen Falls, scenic park & popular picnic spot featuring a large waterfall in a serene landscape. Moving out from there, Thangkharang Park would be the next stop to visit, natural area popular for its picturesque setting & views, with a fountain, greenhouse & garden. After experiencing the mesmerising view of the falls, move ahead to the exotic eco-park of the town for ending the evening with greenary.

Day 3-
One of the best sights to cherish would be the dramatic Seven Sisters Falls and day 3 begins by exploring the sight. Arwah Cave and Rainbow Falls definitely stands out to be the best places for trekking in Cherrapunjee. Visit the Mawkdok Dympep Valley View Point next, for having an eye-catching view of the rainy town, Cherrapunjee. Let Garden Of Caves be the last destination for the day, a true paradise on the earth.

Day 4
Day 4 must begin with the calm Ramkrishna Mission Ashrama and found yourself lost in the pages of history. Enjoy the next destination with no crowd free space with beautiful falls and swimming place, Lyngksiar Falls. Drive your way next from David Scott Memorial Stone to Don Bosco Shrine for the holy experience and end your day.


Day 5-
Wahrew Bridge must be kept for the last day in Cherrapunjee, the mountain-engraved bridge will give you a breath-taking feel. Drive the bridge for the next location of the day, Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church, the oldest church of the town. Mawdohnud being the place with natural existing stones, definetly desrves to have a visit and therefore it becomes the next spot of the day. Finally, Janailar Falls becomes the last spot of the trip. The view would not allow one to leave the sight and return.

However, these were the few sights, one must not miss, when in Cherrapunjee. The rainy town can be also a good option to spend for relaxing purpose and enjoy the moonsoon.
Visit the small town and enjoy every bit of it over a plate of maggi(mountain food) and a sip of coffee.

-Atrisa Dutta

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