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We are the generation Y who is never satisfied with our lives. One day we feel full while the other day it seems the world is totally running opposite to us. Now, to nurture our living we take up things, which are closer to our souls. Keeping a low key and being liberal is all that feeds our soul. We are the generation who does everything right when we are at our happy place, but once we step aside the happy place, we struggle to take up new things .The emotional imbalances only gets peace when we find a getaway.

Contrary to this many people find the thought terrifying to take up full time travelling, but the actual idea behind this is matter includes  all the pros and cons of our lives. If we don’t put ourselves in situations we haven’t been ,we will know what we are capable of doing. We master our own lives; we fall in love with every unexplored place we haven’t seen. That  thirst of travelling make our living more meaningful.

Once, we start off the journey there is no looking back, there is always a learning process. The never ending tales, the  spots that would heal our wounds, the wind in our hair will dislocate all the break downs, the sand on our feet would tell more stories than anyone could ever tell about us. The loving nature, the nomad soul ,would hover all around and sleep in peace under the star lit nights, without fearing about our tomorrows.  The best way to educate and keep the balance of emotions is probably singing a lullaby while travelling and experiencing and finding people who would teach life values.

The full time traveler makes wonder come true:

  1. Expand your horizons

There is no other way you can expand your living, till the time you push yourself out of the soft couch you lean on all the time. There is a whole new world outside which would be the natural teacher. There is no better way of knowing, unless you put yourself in positions, to know what extremes you can push yourself just for the sake of living. Whether you are actually capable enough to handle all your loopholes and mend them with care. Pushing yourself out the comfort zones increases your horizons, by adjusting in places, taking almost the taste of every new thing. The regular expanding process nurtures your soul and helps you to make most out of every day by doing things you always avoided doing. All the odds things you do while travelling teaches you right measures, therefore it enhance your confidence. It boasts almost every aspect of life

2. Be the master of your own schedule

Travelling is the ultimate freedom of living. Instead of setting that freaking alarm clock, set up goals and get up at the sunrise, make breakfast for yourself, manage your clothes without getting tangled, and get the ultimate benefits of being yourself. Make up all your routine according to your own will. Sometimes in your lazy days when you want to relax, you can sit by a bonfire and read a book in a hammock without being concerned about the world. Make all the things according to your wish and in no time you would know how to make budgets ,and progress in life with proper scheduling.

3. Meet and greet new people

While travelling you meet people, wonderful souls who are often hidden away from the rest of the world as they adobe in some faraway land. These people teach you more about their native land and drown you with immense knowledge about the concerned place, more than any book could probably ever teach you. Meeting people boasts your confidence of interacting followed by adjusting with others in several ways. It helps us to build a base of new connections whereas; it removes all the flaws within you which detach you from your old relationships.

4. Travels feeds you education

The college going people often plans to escape and run away for a holiday. If only people understood why planning such getaways are helpful. Seeing and learning things have a deep rooted effect on people, as you physically connect to the places you have been or you  are willing to go. More than any book could make you learn, about its culture, economical state, lifestyle, physical features but being an avid wanderer might turn into a natural teacher of all times.

5.Learn new things and speak to natives

As you travel you meet people of different origin, they help you learn their local dialect. People from some native land teach you languages with such ease, and it’s amazing how you adapt it so quickly. The process of learning new things for living rises up. All the things you often learn in school/ college have no practical implementation but practicing the local dialect, the little life hacks  of life can actually be more beneficial.

6.Waking up to a such a view that would be the best therapy

Waking up to such views, close to Mother Nature and away from this chaotic life, not only physically but also it makes you mentally healthy. The fresh air you breathe, the things you see around you heals your wounds. They often conceal severe health conditions and provides solitude to the soul.

7. Live in extremes

The only thing to overcome fear is to do things which you fear. When you indulge yourself in such extremes of living , like being at a freezing cold temperature to living in a deserted wooden hut, you discover new aspects of life, you build a whole new level of approach. You put yourself in conditions where you never imagined yourself .The real hardcore life starts when you come out of that comfort zone and the only option is to win over your fears.


When you travel you eventually realize the importance of having all the necessities, besides the luxurious life, it teaches you to survive on minimum supplements .All the fancy stuff becomes blurred by each passing day. You develop a super control on all your wants and what else can a human being ask for. The minimal things like a limited budget, no fancy materials to show off in life, makes you content.

9. Have no regret and inspire others

You have only one life to live and travelling speaks volume about happiness. Seeing all the amazing places, putting values before materials, learning in each step develops a whole new world for you. The adventures you do, the risk that you take, be leave no chances of dying an unhappy soul. This journey might inspire others to take up travelling as a source of learning and discovering too, which is a great sign of living.

10. Becoming a better version of you

At the end of it you realize how to become the version of you. The learning process, the lifetime risks, the feeding of the soul and knowing more about yourself is the best gift you could probably get in a lifetime. The development structure which you go through build up your confidence which makes you independent. This shapes you in the best possible way because those who wanders are never lost. So that your soul remains happy being hippie!



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