1. You get instant News about the happenings in the world and around you.

– (We are totally hooked online and to news, yeah sometimes we even cover a Bird pooping incident in a far distant village, Yes! We are that frequent! Kidding 😛  we cover Important things such as Taher shah’s songs Hitting YouTube top charts)


  1. You get famous celebrities interview. – (Yeah, we have Good sources and reach) 😀


  1. You get the Event coverage of the Best events happening in Kolkata. – (Because we (laughalaughi) are party people, Bengali and we Love to see what is happening where)


  1. You get Tailored made Blogs about interesting facts. – (Yeah, we care for our readers obviously and their needs as well, so you will Find sex and science related blogs as well, ENJOY!)


  1. You can read our content, criticize it and give a feedback to improve. – (We are not that arrogant and adamant about our things, we are nice and We like to Evolve, so come out and Criticize Because Everybody is Judge out there now, Phew!) -_-


  1. You are allowed to send us content through Inbox or Mail and we will sort it and publish. – (Because we won’t be publishing ‘ Na jeene ki Arzoo Naa marne ka khauf , The Number you’re trying to reach is currently switched off! You can do better!)


  1. We give You Motivating and inspiring quotes on Love, Life and Everything interesting. (Yes We have interesting Writers, care to join? We are recruiting!)


  1. We are storytellers if you follow our pattern. (Observe to Find out, if you Don’t Find the pattern, look again Because at least We think We are Story tellers)


  1. Aren’t these reasons enough to Like and Follow us? (if Not, then what are you doing online wasting time, go watch pogo!)


Jokes apart, we know You will Love us that’s why we have some amazing things planned, coming your way. Stay tuned and do something to make this planet a better place.

Go create something!

That’s what our tag line says “You Create, We Nurture”.

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