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10 Things Budding Writers Should Keep In Mind

The title says it all. Buckle up. Put on your helmet. I’m about to hurt some feelings. Here, are the 10 things budding writers should keep in mind.

  1. This is a Path Filled with Solitude and Unfulfilled desires.

Keep writing every day.


  1. You Need to Read. Period. Observe. Period. Learn. Period. And Imagine. Writing is Easy after that.

Keep writing every day.


  1. Never GIVE IN on those days when self – doubt creeps in and squeezes the life out of your creativity.

Keep writing every day.


  1. Writers are considered as Lazy beings but Do Not let this phrase become your comfort zone, Thrive for more every day, Normal is not someone to aspire to, it’s to get away from.

Keep writing every day.


  1. If it’s in your Mind and you believe in it , it’s worth taking a risk.

Keep writing every day.


  1. Writing is both a Pleasure and struggle, you may Struggle to write but when you start you cannot leave it for a day, it’s the sheer pleasure of creating.

Keep writing every day.


  1. You should always be proud that you are bringing something into the world that was not in the world before, and try to be as Original as possible.

Keep writing every day.


  1. Always Show Your Writing to closed and trustworthy people around, among family, friends or colleagues and choose your critics wisely on whom to listen.

Keep writing every day.


  1. You don’t start Writing Good stuff; you get good at it gradually with practice, for that You Only Need to be persistent.

Keep writing every day.


  1. ‘Writing is all about Re-writing’ – you must have heard it, So Always Be critical about what you are writing and the Real Idea with which you started. Don’t deny yourself an appreciation for the Beautiful things you have created.




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