How to prepare a rabbit’s home?

Choose a cage or pen that is at least four to five times the size of your rabbit.
Set up your rabbit’s housing before you bring your pet home.
Make sure the floor of your rabbit’s habitat offers plenty of solid flooring. A rabbit given no other choice than to sit on grating is more prone to foot ailments such as sore hocks.
Use heavy crocks and bowls so your rabbit cannot tip them over.
Use rabbit-safe litter to line the litter box, and change it at least every other day.

Don’t allow a rabbit to roam your home without rabbit-proofing first:
1. Move plants out of reach
2. Cover all electrical cords with plastic tubing or move them out of reach
3. Restrict your rabbit’s access to furniture, rugs and similar objects
Avoid loud sound around them.
Don’t house your rabbit outdoors unless you are committed to spending a few hours each day to interact with it and you have taken precautions to ensure that your rabbit is protected from predators and temperature extremes and has supervised exercise opportunities.

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