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IFA 2016 :This time its bigger better and refined

In Berlin every year many companies have showcased some of the best things which they have got to offer, TVs , mobiles , laptops , refrigerators and many more. It is the heaven for most of the tech freaks, who flock here with all their love. But this years IFA was bigger better and refined.

After many years this times IFA was thriving with innovation. LG threw in a fridge running Windows 10 , Lenovo went pathetically slim with their Yoga tablets, B&Q came up with a heater lookalike 360 degree speakers. Lets go through the eye grabbing highlights of the event:

LG’s Instaview Fridge (Windows 10 ):

This fridge is literally one on steroids a beat running windows 10 with a 29 inch touchscreen , yes you heard it right. You can now eat and draw , play games , watch a movie all this while standing beside your fridge .

Sony’s new flagships, Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact.

Finally a Sony flagship with top of the line specs in 2016 , here we have the Sony Xperia XZ . After rebooting its line this year , the Sony Xperia X seemed a little underwhelming . The XZ runs on a Snapdragon 820 chipset  with 3Gb of ram giving blazing fast performance. The biggest step forward is the design in XZ which makes it the best looking phone in 2016. Other refinements make it a good upgrade from the Xpreria Z5.

The one which everyone was looking forward to with keen interests , the Sony Xperia X compact. Sony has a tradition of coming up with the best small sized phone every year and many were disappointed to not see it during the launch of redefined X series. But compacts fans are still pleased to see it come out now and the specs are pretty much same to Xperia X , the compact runs on a Snapdragon 650 with 2 gb ram and has a 4.5 inch HD display. The specs may not seem top in line but the 650 is almost as capable as 820 and the display though low on res gives excellent colors and contrast.

Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo outed its 10 inch Yoga book with an attached panel for stylus input that also doubles as a flat keyboard. This invention gets the nod for being fundamentally different from everything that has come before. Also being a looker catches the eye inspite of running on a Atom X5 processor the tab dose not disappoint.

Worlds thinnest laptop aka Acer Swift 7

Think the Mac book Air is the thinnest laptop in the world then Acers here to prove you wrong. A laptop as thin as your driving license card , yes its true. The Acer’s Aspire 7 is just 0.39 inches thick  and weighs 1.1 kg .It runs on Core i5 processor and has 13.3 inch HD display.

LG V20- Worlds first Android 7.0 Phone

LG’s V20 may always be remembered as the first phone to launch with android 7.0 aka Nougat but it is definitely a great flagship smartphone as well. LG has ditched last years rugged design for a more refined one this time but still it feels solid and LG claims it is as safe as last year. V20 runs on Snapdragon 820 and 4GB ram with a 16 MP dual camera.The primary camera has a 1.8 aperture and secondary cam is 8 mp , the front is a 5 mp not so great for selfie lovers. The biggest miss is the modular technology from the G5 but it hasn’t had a great reception.

Moto Z play , the cheapest modular phone

Z play is the cheapest Z phone from Lenovo, running on Android Marshmallow with a Snapdragon 625 powering its heart. A 5.5 inch Full HD display and a 16 mp cam makes it a great midranger on paper. The X play was a great phone but priced so near to the iconic Moto G but with far better specs dosent seem to be a great strategy . The modular tech at such a low price is another biggie maybe this is a homerun from Lenovo.

Qualcomm and Logitech

Don’t like the  sound your mouse makes each time you tap it ,Logitech has come up with a mouse which dose not make the click sound at all the M720 . Qualcomm has come up with Snapdragon VR 820 , a virtual reality reference platform to make easier for the developers to make amazing VR devices.

Well this is it for now we will keep this article updated for new announcements.

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