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Have You ever wondered how most of the stories in the world are related with us?

Believe me if you do not come across such people or their stories, then you are that fucking asshole. So please change, world needs better class of people. There are already loads of diseased mind around to cure, please don’t make contribution towards it.

  • Parental Stories – How most of our parents are same? How they treat us, don’t respect our opinions, they love us, care for us but hate to know they are wrong and don’t stay back to point that out. How the cause of every problem in our life turns out to be either our gadgets or friends? How the neighbor’s/relative’s son is always better than us at everything. Hearing stories about the economic situation of your parents in their childhood


  • Education stories – About the people in your family and neighbors doing well in education and you getting that for the rest of your life. Sometimes they suck as well and that makes us more proud than our result with just passing marks crossing the line.


  • Friend’s stories – Stupid Friend Stories , That One kind of a Friend Stories, Who is Disturbing , good , humiliating , psycho, embarrassing , you hate , you love , You care , the best , partner in crime , etc… (BTW, there are so many Kinds and we are even one in that group, if you’re not, Dude Report to the space center, they are looking for you out there…)


  • School stories – All kind of School stories, About the teacher You hated, About the Teacher you loved, About the Pranks you did, about the time You never studied, about the time You fooled the topper, about the time you were the topper, about the time You were a backbencher and did better in life, about the time You sucked with girls, to the time you became a pro. With the Fight at sports, to the fun at holidays.


  • Life stories – All Kind of Life stories that You Boast all Your life , and Will be telling Your Crush to get laid , or Better half to convince her she is with someone worthy and then your children, other people and Grandchildren. The Stories about How You saved someone’s Life by not letting him Board a train that was going to have an accident, Stories about Your struggle in life getting over a girl/boy. Struggle for Money, poverty and Friendless days. Etc…


  • Family stories – How we all Have Lovely cousins and irritating siblings, how we Love our Siblings and fight for them, how they disturb us, how our family supports us and sometimes pushes us for Being Better than the best. How the relatives are constantly excited and interested in our Lives rather than their own children.


  • College stories – How we All have Been related to Engineering college stories , Where We do not study , Drinks, Drugs and friends are the soul partner for life, Are single for the whole college life , still pass studying last day before the exam.

commerce colleges stories , charted accountant not studying for college exams, having fun most of the time , yet they involved In more of business aspect of life than the job.


  • Legend stories – How Every legend has Grown from nothing , less educated , whole lot of struggle in life , they are Better than the best and sometimes best ever there can be , how they inspire and Motivate all of us.


  • Rich people stories – How rich people React to situations of common man, how they flaunt their belongings, how their show off of parties and celebrities are but natural.


  • Neighbor stories – How We all have that irritating neighbors, who ask for everything, but they help you as well but suck life out of you and those of you who don’t have them, then you are the fucking annoying one.


  • Social network stories – How We all Feel irritated about the Dp changes , how Boys feel irritated about them getting less likes and comments in their picture than girls and how girls feel seeing a hot rock bod, how we all make a stupid news viral without cross checking it , How we all Debate  on  senseless topics, how we all love memes, vines and gifts.( In short – We all Know we waste most of our time on social Media yet we do it  because we are addicted and it’s fun to read stuff like this…)


  • Songs – How Most of every situation in our life has a song about it with lyrics tailor made for us, How We all seem to have full knowledge of music without realizing that we suck at it and don’t stop singing it loud. How most of us write the song lyrics in our Statuses as if we are singing and the Whole world is listening to our beautiful voice and we couldn’t care less, yes we do that!


  • Stupidity – How we all have few stupid assholes around us who refrains themselves from changes and evolution. Who always talk about arrogant society and are not willing to do anything about it, but criticize. They are the people who are with half knowledge of things; these are the people who Spread pictures of MORGAN FREEMAN at the death of NELSON MANDELA, as R.I.P MANDELA YOU WILL BE MISSED.


  • So you feel all this is a bit related? If it is… then Stop fucking whining over why do bad things happen to you, but you still have good memories from life. Now, get back to your life, Face your struggles, and don’t cry over it. The Best thing about time is that it changes, so get on with your life and Move on because… YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE.


If you have more related stories, Please reply in comments, tell us about your experiences.

And if you could relate just share it.

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