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Durga Puja In The Air


“Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai“. Such is the case with the people of Bengal, who wait patiently for the arrival of Durga Puja. “Baro mash e tero parbon” Bengalis do indulge in various festivities all throughout the year, but then Durga Puja is something that no other festival can beat. For them, it is like breathing in the fresh aura of life, after surviving through every hectic, work- loaded year. Ma Durga must have been listening to their constant complaints as she is returning to her maternal home.

The mere thought of the upcoming puja makes them feel light-headed. Shopping or “pujor bajaar” is something the people of Bengal look forward to few months before Durga Puja. The areas of New Market, Gariahat or the high-rise shopping malls burst with thousands of enthusiastic people, drenched in the festive mood, searching for apparels, bargaining and deciding upon what gifts to buy on the occasion of Durga Puja. Their minds race as they think about the nearing grand festival, “dhaker awaj”, the crowded puja pandals, the decorated streets and lanes, “oshtomir anjali”, “bhog” and “dhunuchi nach”.

The feel of Durga Puja approaching is something people of Bengal look forward to. Needless to say, there is an anticipation, a mount of silent joy and excitement which builds up within each of them every time they come across pictures of Goddess Durga. The feel of “Durga Puja yet to arrive” is perhaps one of the best perks of being a Bong child. The whole year might be dull, drab, sad, monotonous yet, there is this one occasion of Durga Puja, which makes them blend in and rejoice. “Ma aschen abar” – an euphoria to devour; a piece of absolute blissful magical ecstasy.

Content Writing : Sayari Mukherjee
Original Copyright © 2014-2015
Special Thanks : Poulami Ghosh Ray

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