Duality is in our blood and soul and  we are the happy descendants of them. Duality can only be removed by kindness and patience for all. We do question sometimes, going against such notions but most of the time, there lies another duality.

In India the ratio of rich and poor people contradicts to a great number. The rich people often give their money to some even bigger NGO’s to help those in need. But how much do rich people in real life actually care about them? You can see all the rich people donating a huge amount of money to the poor, in slums but do they even take a step to look where their money is going? No, probably they don’t. Now many of us can tell me it is not their business to take account of every single penny. But, giving or donating money will only succeed if they are properly being used in needy places. For example, a rich couple coming out of function from a popular NGO where they donate their money, but if a poor boy or girl asks them for food, will they stop and think?

Duality is something, which we can notice in every from of relationship be it in friendship or in love. Friends are important in our life, but every time that friend does some mistake, we start criticizing them. We sometimes even start talking about their dresses, relationships or even personal habits. If we are calling someone our friend, it is our responsibility to take care of that person well. If he or she does a mistake, we should point out that without any criticism or discussion with a third person. Friendship is not about praising about how much you value your relationships and that person.  Well in this world, true friends are equally tough to find like getting back the Kohinoor diamond from foreign. If you have someone who scolds you, no matter what you think or react about them, grab him or her and just keep them in your life! They are worth it!

Another great example of duality is, in our society or in our neighbours to be specific. Our neighbours are the most extinguishing creatures who gossip about every step that we take, including study, dress, friends and even the way we walk, talk and look. They have many problems and sometimes they are also similar to us but they will still criticize us without analyzing their own. This mentality comes from OURS and also of, OTHERS. We see the world in these two parameters. So naturally, we tend to protect only ours and harm others.

Duality comes from a notion where we think “we are the best and others are the worst”. Stop thinking about what we have, start thinking what we can do, in order to be even more extraordinary. Duality is very harmful for our overall character and attitude, we must change it, in order to live a happy and peaceful life. Duality enhances our gossiping instinct and we tend to gossip more when we start criticizing everything which arise from duality. So excluding duality will include a natural happy and peaceful instinct in you. So, it all starts from you!

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