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17 Types Of People You Find At An Indian House Party

People with different tastes and preferences can only make up a perfect party in the Indian society.

  1. The intellectual types


Few people who always keep them aside from all conversation just to make them feel important and intelligent in the party.

  1. The once who are always on phone


They keep on staying over the phone and they never feel like hanging ever. Its becomes so important for them that they merely forget whether they are a part of a house party or social media party.

  1. The dramebaaz type
man woman taking a selfie picture clipart
man woman taking a selfie picture clipart

Well not much to say because they end up creating a scene wherever and whenever they get a chance

  1. The person who knows everything


These men and women have certain kind of attitude in them which portrays as if they know everything and anything from all the nooks and corners of the world.

  1. The malnourished face


Some will never change their habits. They stay same forever. They will make such faces that one will feel sorry for not feeding that person at the first serve.

  1. The crazy dancers


Crazy dancers as we say. Once the music is being played, their feet starts tapping the floor and within a minute or two they start up showing their best moves.

  1. The humorous ones


They are required in the events so that they can find humor in all the ways they can get. Thus Indian parties are at success.

  1. The ones who never admit that they are drunk


They will drink the best and in lumps but they will never accept that they are drunk. They will keep on talking vulnerable stuffs but will never accept it.

  1. The cry baby type


Few people come up with sad stories all the time which calms down the atmosphere and if one is drunk then it’s easier for the person to make a happening party into a boring one.

  1. The pain giving type


Few kids are there who will never listen to their elders and will always end up doing something for which the whole family needs to be ashamed off.

  1. The bad odor people


They will smell really bad. But no one can ever have the urge to say to that person. It seems to be a bad behavior. But then it becomes very difficult for the other person to be a part of this party any longer.

  1. People keep on talking without letting others to talk


Once they start they will never stop. They will cut off others in between but if they being cut off it will become a tremendous issue for them.

  1. The helpful ones


Yes, there are people who really helps the host to sort things properly and help to succeed the party in a well-organized way.

  1. The argumentative sessions


They will never stop. People will finish off their dinner but there will be no end in the arguments of the people.

  1. The friendly ones


There are ones who will meet you for the first time and all of a sudden they will make friendship with you before you get the time to realize.

  1. The creepy


They smile at every girl in the party.

  1. The fault finders


These are another of those beings whom you murder a million times in your thoughts! They find faults with everything, the music’s down market, the kebabs are not perfectly cooked and the soup is too watery

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