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No-Shave November

No-Shave November is a web-centric, non-profit organization that has assigned its ideas to shape up an interesting initiative in generating cancer awareness amongst the mass. It has planned its agenda via raising funds to enthusiastically support cancer prevention, motivate its study and finally to progress its research.

It is basically a journey that keeps running all through the month where participants give up shaving and grooming in order to conjure up conservation and increase cancer cognizance.

Let us go through the strategy through a three-fold process:

CONCEPT: The goal is basically to invoke awareness by letting your hair grow which many cancer patients let go undergoing Chemo-therapy. However, after the treatment ceases, the hair starts re-growing wild and free. So come up with your resources and donate them which you otherwise expend upon shaving and grooming kits. Allow yourself to educate and prevent cancer.

INVOLVEMENT:  Let your beard grow, your moustache widen and skip waxing. Set up your own ‘No-Shave November’ fundraising page and involve others too!

RULES: Rules are easy to follow and simple to maintain. Leave using your razor for 30 days and donate the fund raised from saving your monthly hair-maintenance expenses. However, unavoidable circumstances such as strict dress-code at work will be supported by encouraging fine trimming and grooming.

So what are you waiting for? Put down your razor, devote your time, and join the cause!

Content Writer : Manjima Sarkar
Original Copyright © 2014-2015
Picture Courtesy : Google
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