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I got a story to tell

Woman power

Purring like a cat with pain, she lay there ‘cold’ at the corner of her queen-sized bed.
She had to sleep alone. She was no more allowed to sleep beside her parents after the horrible truth about her making out came out.
She still couldn’t believe her ears.
Was that her darling Father,who just went out of the room, calling her a PROSTITUTE?
Just because she had loved a guy from another religion?? Just because she had made love to the person she loved, that too, out of pure love?
Was that her only sin?
She knew he loved her too. She knew that He too was trying his best to prove worthy to her father. She too was trying. Trying to cope up. Was’nt she?
She kept crying until she could breathe no more. Till her belly hurt and till her heart echoed reverberating the word.. “KHANKI”.
Was she no more a ‘Holy Woman’?
Why was Society so cruel to her? Why even only ‘HERO’, who had once taught her to walk, holding her tiny little fingers, had to do this?? Would her Maa talk to her no more? How would she get her strength? Her little brother heard her too. Would he never respect her after this? Grandpa had once believed she would one day become a  powerful and independent woman and would make her family proud. were all his dreams shattered after all? He said that all her relatives would have a good laugh at her! Why? All for this? Why?
How great was her crime? How deep was her guilt?
She was DESTROYED. Completely.

It was all a part of a horrific nightmare to her!

But, did she succumb to the harsh reality around her?
It only made her strong. Stronger.
It was just, the beginning.
She was no more a girl, craving for her childish fantasies.
That day gave birth to a “woman”- a woman who one day dreamt to prove her HERO very very wrong!

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