Me, Myself & I

Hey me! Hoping to do good, anyway!
The morning is up, sun is quite high too, you should get up right! Or…
Just lie down or talk to ownself a little bit!
When was the last hour, rather day, or wait… Month we had a talk? Or even met!
The schedule of me and you, although being the same were never for us right!
We both wake, freshen up and get to our daily hook basket!
Mom’s breakfast, papa’s lunch box, our oats, which we finish up in less than a minute and end up in hick ups! Ohho, how could I forget about zim! He too grabs your attention! But we never get to meet nowadays…
Busy you would call it? Wait a sec… for what sake?
Those exercise that we do in the evening, is that what we want to? Or those delicacies that we once used to enjoy, you remember?
So why this! just because your fiance wanted a 36-24-36 figure to soothen up!
Is that what you really want to do?
To wake up every single morning for all others sake and just end up in doing nothing at all?
Just to end up everyday pampering other’s wishes?
Are we what we were suppose to be, as we wanted to be so once?!
Dreams to chase, wings to fly, thorns to live upon, remember?
Oh me, I miss our icecream dates too!
Could we just meet? Sometimes…
Just for ourselves, let’s not the others decide our protocols anymore…
Can we be again what we were to be, rather wanted to do so!
Oh me, can we again start dreaming?
For us?

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