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A Love That Is Paranormal

A love that is paranormal

Waiting for the dark to seep into the lap of my sky, the rays are torturing, it pierces us! Not letting us to blow around in our own pace, it doesn’t!
You would call me insane right

As you used to call me till the last day of our illuminate roam,

for loving the sun this much! Who knew the loves might also betray in such a manner?

It would rather hurt you, pierce and tear you off too!
Our last walk on that sunny afternoon was my last bliss from the rays!
And after that, we only met at dark, hilariously soothing it is, it’s the new bliss that brings us together, could let us live, laugh, kiss, hug and cuddle like no tomorrow! Like nothing could have even been so far, like us,we two… who ever could anyone again be!

You’re right indeed, this is what we wanted, to be together, might be in another space of eternity!
But somewhere which couldn’t tear upon, could never make us apart!
We created it together, selfish? that world might call us to be!

Which didn’t let us be there and lead a life like the other lots!
You remember? I wanted the wall colour of our room to be blue,

antweep blue the shade card marked! And our windows, of light gray smoked glasses, tiny charms danglings…
Aren’t we permitted to dream? Why were we forced to live upon others can you say?

Why is it so that we have everything of nothing but still, a lot!
Metaphorical you would call it? what are we to be described hence? Past?
And our love to be metaphorically sane?
We were selfish enough to leave and live together…
For the term of infinity!

The sky is getting doomed, it’s time love, let’s meet!

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