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Few Bondings Never Die

Few Bondings Never Die

Dear partner,

Only few months have gone since we have met. I have never thought that we will be able to share such a priceless bonding in these few days.
But, it happened, and happened in the most beautiful way. From being a lovable senior to be an integral part of my life till date the journey is too good.
We may not share too many frames together, but those few random frames are more precious than any preplanned photo sessions for me.
And you know what, I love it most when you admit that you love me.
Words always fail to express my love for you. Maybe because I have never expected to find an elder sister in my own college.
People may say many things, but in my heart, I am sure about one thing that we share one of those few bondings which never die.
Dear sis, I love you, ‘ and I’ll love you for a thousand more.’

Your junior sister

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