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You and your busy schedule, fashion tips to follow in hurry

Your busy schedule need solid fashion tips.
Hey girls here I am with few fashion tips that will change your life.
These tips are useful for the working women as well as for students.
These hacks will save your time.
1. The pro tip to look fashionable is to represent yourself properly.
One must look neat and clean in order to look beautiful.
2. If one is not allowed to wear makeup in school or college then he or she can opt for various hairstyles.
This will give one a overall beautiful look.
3. Do not layer it up. Many people feel self conscious so you end up wearing layers of clothes.
But hey thats not how it goes. The more you layer it up the more one will end up looking awkward.
So keep it minimal.
4. Avoid heavy makeup in day time. Specially school students, one don’t have to wear makeup because your simplicity will stand for your beauty.
5. Wear body hugging clothes but not too tight.
Baggy clothes can make you look like a little displaced. So wear always well fitted dresses.
So here it was my few tips for both working women and school or college students.
Lastly, one need to believe in yourself so that you can stand as a beautiful one.
Fashion and beauty are two different things altogether. Beauty is what you born with but fashion is how you present yourself. So don’t make these two things equal.
Fashion will give the power to represent yourself in a better way. So, follow these tips and comment down below how you use it and how you feel about it.
Until next time, keep calm and keep reinventing yourself so that the external factors can’t judge bitterly.
Take love, be happy and definitely keeping up with yourself. Be the best version of ownself!

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